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"I Done Wet My Britches"

In 1994, the greatest high school football game in the history of ever was played at Texas Stadium. Plano East trailed Tyler John Tyler 41-13 with just under three minutes to go. What happened next was simply unbelievable. The clip above is four minutes long. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

HAHA, those kids suck.

m&m said...

I remember seeing those highlights on the news back then. What an amazing comeback and a heartbreaking loss for Plano East. Who would of ever guessed a team could get three on side kicks in a row? Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Amazing! Could you imagine sitting there watching that?!
The very ending...the announcer says, "I'm sick. I'm gonna throw up!" Incredible football game!

zac said...

if i'm not mistaken, the tv announcers made the late night circuit on Leno & Letterman after that extremely biased announcing and then later were the game announcers in the movie Varsity Blues.

Anonymous said...

Simply incredible!!

Anonymous said...


Get a life!

Those are local announcers who are announcing the game to the local fans of the team, in this case, Plano East. They're not supposed to be the same as people on national broadcasts with no interest in the outcome of the game. I thought it was hugely entertaining!

Captain Cool said...

Sweet Jesus.

"Good Gosh Almighty"

i have to say,


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