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Coker and Hawkins Are Scrambling Right Now



Anonymous said...

Let em' scramble. The funeral business is just like any other. We really don't like to think about that and usually don't when we are grieving. These folks put the most expensive casket at the end so one sees that just before exiting the door. Playing on the emotions? You bet!

Plan ahead. Check them all out. Get the best price for your money. Ask questions.

Folks are gonna die. Death is big business.

VERY big business.And some of these folks are just plain greedy.

Yep. Check them out.

Anonymous said...

I think you've missed the point.

Anonymous said...

It seems the point of the post Barry placed was about obsenity in a funeral service.

The actual service can certainly get out of control - stripping as the article states. How outrageous is that?

..can we expect circus elephants next?

mzchief said...

CREEPY Funeral Story
Six years ago, I went to the funeral of an elderly person in Dallas. I kid you not, rather than having the person tucked snuggly in a box the deceased was sitting up reclining on a chaise lounge during the send off service at the funeral home chapel. TRULY creeped me out!

greta said...

mzchief now you can say.... you've seen it all! That is too crazy for me.


I'm sure there will be alot of strippers at mine . Hell I've been paying their rent for years !


Brent are you 7:31 ?

greta said...

That's funny.. anoyass (7:09).

anonymouse said...

Mzchief..I hope I never get that mental image again. quiver.