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The second coming of Troy Aikman isn't the second coming of Troy Aikman after all. (And to think I just criticized that blog for never having anything interesting on it.) Personally, I hope Henson hits it big with some other team so the New Jersey Con Man will be exposed.


Anonymous said...

I am sure GM Jerry will make a shrewd trade. Maybe he can get Ricky Williams for $20 million or so. He would probably play as much as T.O.

"Did you enjoy those three Super Bowls?" said Jerry.

Better question: Does anyone remember the Cowboys in the Super Bowl?

It gets clearer all the time what the problem is. And it ain't Bill.

Anonymous said...

Barry plz don't put a headline like this out without warning us!
Bridgeport was about to have a parade and now....the rest of the story! Cancel the parade, we will have to wait awhile longer!

Anonymous said...

Jerry Jones is an egomaniac with money. He can do with and to the Cowboys whatever he wants - then blame failure on someone else. I really don't care what he says or does.

Minerva said...

Who is Troy Aikman?