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Philosophy of Truth

It'll be a slow Saturday here since for some stupid reason I'll be hacking around a golf course beginning at 1:00 p.m. (Is it supposed to be hot today?) But, for what it's worth, I think the situation at Everman ISD is crazy. If you don't recall, the media got all over the prinicpal at Everman High School because on the first day of class she got on the PA system and dogged the African American kids for the school receiving an academically "unacceptable" rating due to low math and science scores. One thing that was always missing from the story: Did she have facts to back it up? Yep, she did. Only 32% of the blacks passed the match and science section. So what happens? The school board president resigns (someone explain that to me), the media continues to dog the school, and the superinendent has been crying (per the normally level headed Bud Kennedy who wrote a crazy column called "Don't blame kids for unacceptable rating."