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So Odd

So I'm at a grocery store in Fort Worth this evening (dont' ask), all set to go in and get some chicken and 96/4 hamburger meat. I don't get out of the car immediately because I'm laughing at something on "The Ticket's Top Ten" on the radio. Give me a couple of minutes and the segment would rap up. But I look to my left and see a guy sitting in this van. I wonder if he's listening to the same thing I am. We both sit there listening to the radio. So I finally get out of my car and am surprised to hear the refrains of Billy Idol's "White Wedding" blaring from the guy's van. What the heck? He's sitting in the car listening to that? So I give him the benefit of the doubt and think he's probably brain dead from the wife and kids who are presumably in the store while he waits. I'll give the guy a break. It may be his only peace and quiet for the next 10 days. But I come out of the grocery store fifteen minutes later and the van is there but he's gone. (So I take a picture of it.) I would never sit in a van. I would never delay my schedule to listen to "White Wedding." I pray I never sit in a van listening to "White Wedding."