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As the Republican Party begins to crumble (although it will take Wise County 20 years to realize it), former-Republican-Big-Dog Tom Delay (R - Texas) is calling it quits. What an embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

His lawyers convinced him that he needs to focus on staying out of jail for the rest of his life. It would have been more fun for him to be defeated at the polls, but this will have to do for now.

I wonder when the Bush administration's many crimes of both omission and commission will come to light. Their latest ignoring of the law is their failure to produce the required annual Social Security Trust status report by April 1.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and our whole nation.

It is also a shame that this man has drug the Christian community into this.

But thoughtful Republicans and Christians will see this for what it is.

We must try to rise above it.

And we will.

God help America.

Anonymous said...

Who's prayers have been answered, his or ours?

Anonymous said...

Tom Delay, the Christian right leader in the Republican Party should spend the rest of his life behind bars, not retiring with millions in his bank account.

And to think our own state representative Phil King developed the map for redistricting for Delay to get more Republicans elected to the House.

It isn't an embarrassment for the Christian Right, it is an indictment of their real values. Delay was a corrupt politician backed by a majority in the Republican party who wanted power. Money, power and the Christian Right; strange bedfellows. Only if the right is really Christian.

Anonymous said...

I would take him over Bill any day!
The reason we are (USA) is in the shape we are in is becasue of the last pres. what a shame

Anonymous said...

7:35 - Phil King is little better than Tom DeLay.

Heady with power and homeschooling his own children, he comes into Wise County, appearing before our local Republican Party with his amazing problem solving skills for our public schools?

Give us all a break. Please!

Anonymous said...

The Christian community was not "drug" into this fiasco. It was a well planned campaign by the Christian right to advance their agenda by politial means. Phil King needs to move to Virginia with Delay. He has been and is the boy toy of Delay and Craddock. Let the Christian right and the politicans who sold their votes to them reap what they sew.

Anonymous said...

Who is to blame for this Republican madness we are now experiencing?

The voters were duped by the well crafted plans Rove and his buddies incorporated into the mindset of our country.

And some are still buying it.

Can we define gullible?

Anonymous said...

8:00 am - I don't think you can really, honestly, seriously blame this mess we are in on Bill. What are you smoking?

Anonymous said...

dang, maybe delay should have leve a dead hooker in the river, then he could move on to the senete.

the left really is grasping at straws here LOL

Anonymous said...

Yeah 9:11 -

The more corrupt one is, I suppose the better chance one has to get elected on the national level.