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Land Grab

The proposed route of the Trans-Texas Corridor toll road has been released. For now, it will swing up from Waco around the east side of Dallas. However, the first alternative route cuts right through southeast Wise County. A pdf map is here. The blue route is the proposed route. The light grey one is the alternative.


Anonymous said...

Bummer ...

I hope it doesnt come thru Wise County. But if it does I hope it runs right over my neighbors Double Wide ..

He is a Real Butt Head :)

Anonymous said...

How much is Rick Perry being paid for this? Why are we spending billions of dollars on one road when we have thousands of miles of roads in this state that need to be widened, resurfaced, bridges rebuilt, etc? And don't tell me it will be privately funded - you know we will end up paying for this before long.

Anonymous said...

Of course it might slow down the Ft. Worth land grab.

Sal Costello said...

Learn more about the Cintra Gravy Train: Another No Bid, Secret Deal with Gov. Perry:

Sal Costello
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