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Finished another movie while jogging tonight. The name: Derailed Star Factor: Huge (Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston) Plot: Starts off like Unfaithful and then gets freaky and campy. Clive and Jennifer have an affair but get interrupted by a mugger who breaks into their hotel room. He keeps haunting Clive for $$$ because Clive can't go to the police because he doesn't want to reveal the affair. Need to suspend disbelief: Absolutely (the police aren't very smart in this movie). Enjoyable: Yeah, it was. Most Shocking Moment: Jennifer Aniston saying, "I want you to [deleted because it's wrong to say certain words] me." Random Thought: I don't remember this being in the theaters at all despite the fact it was released last year.


Big Ben said...

I don't remember it either. So did he F-- her or not?

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie and it was great!!! Mainly because Jennifer was 1/2 naked and talked nasty sex talk. Simple minds are pleased easily!!!!!And yes I would,,,,,time after time

Anonymous said...

Shock ending...very good movie!