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I Feel Safer Now

Tom Delay had a concealed handgun license. Thank god it was suspended. And based upon the number of times he has uttered the phrase "liberal Democrat" in the last 48 hours, he doesn't need to be carrying a gun.


Anonymous said...

I like liberal dumb ass myself! Liberal dumb ass, liberal dumb ass
barry is a liberal dumb ass

Anonymous said...

if tom delay committed an act of moral turpitude than he should have it suspended and if necessary revoked as for anon 10:05 w.t.f we live in a country where we are given the freedom to chose how we believe my guess is azafter your remarks is that you are a fan of rick perry i hate to tell you that this yaear we will have kinky for govner not rick the prick and if you are able to figure out whos a dumbass amd whos not well it takes one to know one _-L-- FIGURE THAT ONE OUT

Anonymous said...

The American people pay the price for corruption.

The Hammer controlled the vote in the house...all the $$$$$ to the oil and gas industry, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, no bid contracts to Haliburton.

All the time, he bashed the Liberal Democrats cause they were going to raise taxes!

While he filled his pockets with $$$$$$ and his wife took over $500,000! Good money for a former bug man from Houston.

10:05 rest assured the Hammer is going to continue to be the leader of the conservatives in the Republican Party. He will be using over 1 million in campaign funds from Big Business to pay his legal fees to stay out of jail.

The Hammer is a smart ruthless politician. He pointed his finger at Liberal Democrats while he raped the taxpayers.

Now who is dumb???

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Anonymous said...

Give the guy a break. At least he didn't mess with an intern.

Now that kind of stuff is bad.


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Anonymous said...

It sounds as though the concealed handgun laws are working.