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There is a NASCAR race this weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway. At the same time, there will be thousands of hispanics marching in downtown Dallas and Fort Worth. It truly is "race weekend". (Credit: The Ticket this morning)


Anonymous said...

The scheduled protest march across the country will be the largest civil rights march in American history.

Marchers are being told to leave their Mexican flags at home; however, high school and college are well organized in a disturbing movement that would take back the southwestern States: Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Oregon. The country is referred to as Aztlan. The movement is to have no borders between Mexico and the US.

If the Senate compromise bill stands, it has to go to committee and another compromise worked out with the House bill on immigration.

It is doubtful any immigration reform will be coming from Congress before the 2006 November election.

Leaders of the protest are right to tell the students to keep the Mexican flag at home. It is sending the wrong message and does not help illegal immigrants an opportunity for earned citizenship!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update, Cesar Chavez. Glad to know you can cut and clip.

Anonymous said...

What are they going to protest? The fact that all illegals will be granted amnesty and free reign to tap into tax dollars?

Anonymous said...

I hope authorities are checking their papers. Our citizens alone have the right to assembly or protest.

Anonymous said...

Turns out that a huge crowd showed up and marched peacefully. Where were all the Wise Co "anti-immigrants" protesters? Thot they were supposed to go and counter protest. There were marches in both Dallas and Ft Worth. Far more supporting the immigrants than opposing. So what does this all prove?