I heard about this phenomenon on the radio and finally decided to track it down. There's a growing music concept out there that takes two (or more) popular songs, mixes them on top of one another, and then adds a bass dance thump to it. The results can be amazing or a train wreck. Mostly, however, they are incredible and great fun to listen to. For example, I've heard a combination of U2's "Vertigo" and The Beatles "Day Tripper", an Eagles and Kelly Clarkson mix, Michael Jackson and the Clash, Madonna's "Ray of Light" played on top of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle", and Led Zepplin and Snoop Dogg. I was able to download two 40 minute complilations here (big download). Single tracks are available here but I had to go through a free registration process. The best I can tell, the whole thing is free - but I have no idea if it is is legal. (If I detemine it's illegal, I'll delete this).