Random Thoughts On The Hour Long NFL Pre-Game Show

  • The Rolling Stones are scary
  • Freddie Prinze, Jr. was very annoying as the MC
  • Michelle Branch is good looking
  • Ozzy Osbourne might have died before his performance
  • The presentation of the Patriot's championship banner was very, very cool
  • The odd look on the players' faces after they ran out onto the field and stood around while Ozzy sang "Crazy Train" was pretty funny
  • Trisha Yearwood has been eating a few chicken fried steaks
  • The Patriots owner was cheered wildly when introduced
  • And now I have to be beaten down by John Madden

Update: The Patriot Cheerleaders have just won the "I Just Dropped My Glass and Stared Award" for the skimpiest (sp?) outfits I have ever seen.