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"The Binders" - Inside The Tarrant County DA's Office

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I'm copyrighting that title in the event this becomes a documentary or a horror film.

I told you last week that the story wasn't "how the DA was handling it" but the fact there existed  binders in the Tarrant County DA's office documenting cops lying on the witness stand -- information which may have never been disclosed.  The Star-Telegram finally gets it with this new story

FORT WORTH - One prosecutor wrote “this guy is a chump” in accusing a Willow Park officer of lying on the stand.

“Don’t trust anything he says,” wrote another prosecutor about a Bedford lieutenant.

Regarding a Watauga officer’s testimony, a prosecutor noted that “I thought he was making stuff up or just winging it.”

The comments are among the opinions written by Tarrant County prosecutors and filed in binders in past years in the district attorney’s office, where thousands of forms called “DA Office Updates” are now under the review of District Attorney Sharen Wilson

"Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little lies" - Fleetwood Mac (1987)

My head is spinning. The big issue is that this information existed but may not have been disclosed in later cases when the same officer was involved. The underlying issue, which is equally shocking, is that we have cops lying and prosecutors "boldly" documenting it. But that's it? You don't stand up in the middle of the trial and tell the judge you have serious doubts about the trustworthiness of a witness and dismiss the case? Not to mention those officers were allowed to testify in subsequent cases.

And when you think it can't get any worse for cops and prosecutors, look at this weekly legal  update on the law from the official Texas prosecutors' association about the disbarment of a former DA: 

A "sobering moment for prosecutors" indeed.  By the way, a "significant portion of his life" means 18 years. On death row. That's the equivalent of you walking into a cage right now and being released in 2033.