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Looks Like We Have A Theft Of My Intellectual Property

Everyone knows I invented and own the concept of the Random Thought Girl.  A brilliant yet simple idea which will one day be mentioned in the same breath as fire, the wheel, electricity, and the printing press.

But it appears that the BagOfNothing guy (who I have never met or spoken with, by the way) tried to sneak one past me. He, too, does a blog of thoughts in bullet points which happened to be random, and I respect that. But he never has a Random Thought girl. He uses comedy or bacon or Star Wars. He knows I own that concept.

But then he posted a video today about a waterpark in Waco.  Something seemed amiss.

I constantly yell about ads being disguised as news on TV and radio, but could this be a Random Thought Girl post disguised as a water park post? So I sent the video to a lab at great expense and the results are back. This is what was found.

Guilty!!!  And what's up with the dog??? What's next? Is he going to steal my "Get Me That Dog" intellectual property, too!!??

This could get ugly. I'll see you in Marshall, buddy.