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It's Lake Time In Texas! [Stops. Does Double Take].


Anonymous said...

He was seen on the downstream side of the dam. They are fairly common in that area, along the Trinity. But I'm sure everyone will freak out since the picture is on facebook now.

Anonymous said...

When my kids were young we had a pet alligator. Got him when he was a hatchling, raised him for a couple years. When he was about 2-3 ft long my young teenage boys used to put him in the cistern, a 200 s.f. 8 ft deep cement pond. The game was to swim around and antagonize him and try not to get bit. I'd make them quit after a little while cause I felt sorry for the gator.

I intended to raise that gator to 4 ft then eat him and make a pair of boots out of the skin. He escaped when he was about 3 inches shy of the target. I guess he knew the gig was just about up.

My boys are grown now. I wouldn't recommend starting any crap with them. They fear nothing.

Me, I just miss that gator. I swapped 20 chicks for him and never got a return

Katy Anders said...

5:06: 20 chicks? You must have been a popular guy back then!

Anonymous said...

The alligator was on Facebook? They'll let anybody on there, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I got a bigger lizard.

- DF Jas. Morrison