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I'm Firing Up The Liberally Lean Tropical Storm Bill Flood Watch Command Center

Man, that thing hit the coast this morning and is already giving us the business. I've worked all day to enlarge my radar to capture more than what it normally does.

And here's the latest path projection (caveat: This is from Delkus).

Tropical Storm Bill needs a mascot.

 Angry Storm
 Don't Underestimate Me Storm
 Unpredictably Shocking Storm
 Ridiculous Yet Beatable Storm

 A Storm That Will Always Win 
Old School Storm


Anonymous said...

You forgot Dabney Coleman's greatest role as the cranky TV talk show host with the heart of gold.

DF Buffalo Bill

Anonymous said...

You forgot the "Blackface" storm.

Anonymous said...

The "Angry Storm" is just a low blow!

DF Cigar Aficionado

Anonymous said...

I vote for vaginal slice born born.

Anonymous said...

I guess this means more floods and I will have to travel the high way to Decatur because the low way will be under water again.

Anonymous said...

Bill would probably like to meet Throatzilla.

Anonymous said...

"I knew nothing about the low pressure associated with this storm."

DF Bill Belichick

Denney Crane said...

Now that's what I call a Pulitzer post!

Katy Anders said...

Bill was disappointing, at least in Houston. The city pretty much closed down but all we got ehre near downtown was a drizzle.

The upside is that I have enough booze on hand now to last me for 3 months in a bomb shelter.

Anonymous said...

4:53 wins. And Barry leave Pete Delkus alone. He is better than "frog in my throat every ten seconds Finfrock."

DF Jim Cantore