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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The radar looked like a hurricane over us this morning. And then I had Mick Jagger stuck in my head singing, "I was born in a crossfire hurricane."
  • WBAP's talk radio host Ben Ferguson, who replaced Mark Davis, is gone. He is replaced by Chris Salcedo who I know nothing about. Yesterday, as the morning crew announced Salcedo's hiring, Hal Jay said he didn't know much about him but hoped "he could teach me Spanish." What followed was dead air and then a commercial. 
  • For Ticket fans only: Gordon Keith missed Monday's show to "sickness" and was late for work this morning. 
  • From the Star-Telegram's home page this morning: 
    • Uh, that's the country of Georgia that used to be part of the Soviet Union. (They changed the headline within 30 minutes.) It reminded me of seeing a quick local TV news blip a few years back which showed about five seconds of a massive snowstorm in "Georgia" which caused the female anchor to say, "I didn't know it snowed that much there." 
  • With Donald Trump all over the news yesterday after his publicity based presidential candidacy announcement, it made me think that Mark Cuban wants to position himself to be Trump in the future. Both are known for being rich, both have written books, both have silly TV shows, both like the camera. (It's kind of like Kenny Chesney positioning himself to follow Jimmy Buffett.)
  • I really hadn't paid much attention to the "white woman" involved in the McKinney Pool Incident who was caught on tape in a mild skirmish and was accused of yelling racial slurs. But the fact that she is now a "client" of Gloria Allred and is being used as her pawn makes me seriously question her judgment.
  • There are law firms which advertise on the radio which basically say they represent only men in divorce.  I know nothing about employment law, but can a law firm refuse to represent women? I restaurant, hotel, or retail store couldn't refuse service to women under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • "A group of Dallas County judges called for more security in family law courtrooms after a weekend shooting at Dallas police headquarters by a gunman angered about losing custody of his child." What's the phrase? "Never let a crisis go to waste"? 
  • You never hear much about the six DPS gunboats which cost $580,000 each when purchased in 2011. 
  • The NBA season finally ended last night. It began on October 28, 2014. That is 232 days. 


Bacon said...

Bacon Scale

4.6 out of 5

4 out of 5
Very Cute


Anonymous said...

Trump will bow out just about the time he has to list his holdings. Doubt we will ever see his tax return ala ole Mitt.

It will keep the repubs primary in the news tho.....Who said you needed Michelle Bachman?

Baylor Too said...

If that law firm that caters to men is Cordell & Cordell, then they are a nationwide outfit that is known for aggressive litigation and aggressive billing.

Anonymous said...

Very nice RTG today!

Triple Fake... said...

I know nothing about law in general, but doesn't employment law deal with a company and its employees? Not a company and its clients.
And isn't it fairly common knowledge that a law firm/attorney can accept or decline a case based on nothing at all? Seems like you should kinda know about these things, being in the bidness and all.

today's RTG pic:
could I maybe "borrow" that one on the right? Or rent-to-own?
If they're sold as a set only, that's fine too

Anonymous said...

In a free market economy (which no longer exists) a proprietor of any business should be able to serve the clientele he or she wishes. Likewise, the client may choose any proprietor that he or she wishes....that is regardless of gender, skin texture or color, with or without shoes and shirts. It is a far overreaching government that dictates the clientele of any proprietor. Please tell me where I am wrong.

Katy Anders said...

About the law firm...

I used to work at a non-profit that provided free legal services, and we'd market some of our projects to specific groups. You know, a will-a-thon project that targeted to Spanish speakers or gay people or whatever.

We had to call the state bar to check on the ethics and legality of it.

The way it was later explained to me was that firms can market towards certain groups so long as they don't actually deny services to people who don't fall within that group. In other words, we marketed to gay people but would not turn down a straight person for the same service if they asked.

Since representing a woman in divorce isn't all that different from representing a man, the firm probably couldn't say, "Oh no! We only know about helping husbands! Representing wives falls outside our area of understanding, sorry."

(I'm spit-balling that, though. It's not legal advice!)

Anonymous said...

RE the DPS Gunboats: Never fear. I am still cruising the Big Sandy, protecting Wise County.

DF DPS Trooper Gilligan

Anonymous said...

Gloria Allred will restore the woman's job and get her job back! Who will the public believe the woman selling tickets to the "make it slap" event where under age girls are see ally exploited or the woman she accused making racial slurs? The truth is coming out and the young adult black males and teens in the videos were all connected. The bikini girl had thrown a chair at a teacher and is a "dime girl" selling tickets.

Anonymous said...

Nice RTG pairing today. I still don't understand why good looking women dangle sparkly fishing lures from their navels.

DF Fishing Guide to the Stars

Anonymous said...

Top three crazy legal clients (you pick the order):
1. Divorce involving adultery on both sides
2. Actions by CPS to take children out of home permanently
3. Neighbors suing neighbors (pets, property, noise, etc)

Would handle ten nice easy theft cases to one of the above any day. Absolute crazy time.

DF Ben Matlock

Anonymous said...

Teach you English? Call me.

DF My Name is Jose Jimenez
(you probably all too young to get that reference)

Katy Anders said...

9:32: 1 and 3 are definitely the worst because they'll consistently say, "It's the principle of the thing."

As soon as you hear that, it means you're in the revenge business. They just want to believe they've "won," even if winning has no real meaning.

topher said...

confused by the gordon keith ref... i was sick last week. Barry, is there something you are INFERRING?

Ernest T said...

I have heard the ads that you are talking about. Most of the time, when I have heard them was on a Sports station like the Ticket. More than likely, they are simply aiming it at the majority male demographic of the station. If a woman were to walk into their office, doubt they would turn her case down.

Anonymous said...

"White woman"...really barrister? Do you think just because you use quotation marks that you can label somebody by the color of their skin? Speaks Volumes Doesn't It?

Anonymous said...

Gordon Keith missed Monday's show to "sickness" and was late for work this morning.

Will he become the next Bruce Jenner? Is he about to exit the closet?

His mother died recently so perhaps that has something to do with whatever it is that you are implying.

Anonymous said...

Triple Fake said...

"I know nothing about law in general"

Welcome because you have come to the right place!

Anonymous said...

8:57, I doubt that you will ever see Hillary's tax returns or medical records. We still haven't seen Obammy's school transcripts either.

Anonymous said...

You might want to go to Google and check out what hurricanes actually look like on radar.

Anonymous said...

At least some good has come out of the McKinney tragedy. Since so many young lives were tragically altered forever, at least the party promoter who created all of the problems to start with has a nice new career from it:

Anonymous said...

I never hear about the F-16 that the government spends billions on either until one crashes.

Anonymous said...

Is the McKinney party promoter really afro american or just pretending to be one on TV?

Anonymous said...

topher -

No, Barry was implying something. You inferred something from his implication.

Anonymous said...

Hal Jay is proof that longevity makes some employees untouchable. The same company that employs him ditched Mike Bacsik from the Ticket (where he was a producer and barely an on-air personality) after he made some disparaging remarks about Hispanics via Twitter (not on the air). Of course, Bacsik landed squarely on his feet as an on-air personality for CBS radio and on Fox Southwest.

Sam Brows said...

I'm officially backing my man Trump; however, I fear Barry is correct about him only being in it for the publicity. His comment this morning to the effect that he'd win it all with Oprah as his running mate shows a real lack of thought or dedication, one of the two, I'm not sure which. If they ran together, would it be apt for them to run on the Idiocracy ticket?

Barry has to be trolling with respect to the Gloria Allred comment, right? I mean, normally he's ok with people being used as pawns by people like her and Sharpton, I think. But I will say that the prospect of her on one side of the issue, and Sharpton showing up to take the other side is wonderful. Have they ever been at odds before?

Rule 707 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which is what I THINK Texas follows these days (there has been a lot of movement on this over the past few years and it can be hard to keep up), requires a lawyer or a firm to file for approval of any written or TV/Radio advertisement with something called the Lawyer Advertising and Solicitation Committee of the Texas State Bar Association. So, presumably the bar is okeydokey with whatever sort of discrimination that is being implied by the ads. But I wonder how quickly those same folks would be saying, "No, you can't run that ad," if it went something like this: Are you a florist, caterer or wedding planner who has been impacted by a request to provide services at a gay or lesbian wedding? Well the lawyers at Dowey, Squrewim and Howe are here to help, offering a wide range of legal services for the homophobic in all walks of life.

Anonymous said...

There's a rumor that Decatur Walmart will be closing for 6mo due to plumbing issues. True?

Anonymous said...

Good idea, 10:37. I followed your suggestion, and it confirmed Barry's observation.

Anonymous said...

10:47 - My favorite quote from the report: "As a model, Tatyana is committed to using her exposure and fame to help bring about change in the community..."

Fame? She might want to tap the brakes on that...

Anonymous said...

It's ok to hire al sharpton.

But don't hire Gloria Allred. That's racist.

Katy, is there a big will market for queers?

We are now desensitized to homosexual references. People have used homosexuality to seek attention for centuries. This isn't a new idea. Find something else to look forward to.

Katy Anders said...

12:31: Yes, there is. The reason is because whereas two heterosexuals in a marriage in Texas have automatic inheritance rights (community property), and automatically get rights like hospital visitation, etc., with gay couples, there's a need to have wills and powers of attorney done to accomplish those same things.

What we would see happen a lot with our clients is that one long-term partner would die and his estranged parents would fly in from Indiana or somewhere, kick the other partner out of the house, and the surviving partner would have no rights at all.

So there's a real need to have estate planning documents ahead of time.

However, in the example I gave above, it was actually BP Oil whose attorneys had come to us because their attorneys wanted to do a will-a-thon targeting LGBT. I don't know why. Maybe they had just gotten sued or something and wanted to get some good PR.

Anonymous said...

920 - Typical blame the victim. None of that justifies the cop pulling his weapon or acting like a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

11:50 - They are digging the tunnels under the local Wal-Mart for the Jade Helm secret holding cells.

DF Gov. Greg "Wheels" Abbott
buy your tinfoil hats early

Anonymous said...


Did you just reveal confidential information?

Anonymous said...

Katy, sounds like they needed PR to appease a certain crowd.

It's just sad that companies are forced take those measures because of a loud few.

I just don't know why a homosexual pair doesn't go get a will from there attorney.
You don't need to be married to do that.

And I don't know why the homosexual community would make a big fuss over inherited marriage rights.

I'd imagine the way this world is moving "marriage" will not last long.
It'll be breed with who or what you want no matter age or sex.

Sad sad world.

Katy Anders said...

1:35: No, nothing I said was client information at all.

1:37: That's what these couples were doing. Getting a will and estate planning documents done by an attorney.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. You be a cop and have someone run at you with their hand behind their back in a chaotic situation and see how you handle it. He holstered the gun after the other cop went after the guy.

Anonymous said...

1:37 -

Pretty sure no one outside of NAMBLA is lobbying for the eradication of age of consent laws. As for the "what," I'm not aware of anyone (other than maybe furries?) who want to repeal bestiality laws, either.

It's just those pesky laws that discriminate against consenting adults that people are tired of, from what I can tell.

Anonymous said...


I would think that merely telling people that BP was providing special "gay" services is a little more than they would like to get out.

If my client asks me to provide a service, I don't tell anyone that they have hired me unless they are directly involved with the case (not a legal representation either).

Anonymous said...


It's the chip away method. You'd be surprised what people want.

Pass one law....and the next law starts getting chipped away.

We, once, had a standard. It, too, is being chipped away.

No standard=anything goes.

Anonymous said...

Whether Katy was or was not supposed to disclose BP/gay information, I now will research to buy as little BP energy as possible.

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to guess that BP had plenty of marketing at the will-a-thon they were sponsoring, so that there was no doubt who was sponsoring the event. Not sure how discussing this would be a breach of confidentiality??

Anonymous said...

205 --

Those weren't the facts stated in the 920 post. The 920 post only complained of a rowdy teenage pool party with "exploited" women and some such nonsense. None of that justifies drawing a gun or the cops general ridiculousness. It only serves to blame the victims, ie, if they wouldn't have been at the pool party or if the partygoers had better etiquette then they wouldn't have been subject to the overzealous cop. An overzealous cop who admitted he went too far.

The question should begin and end with the facts presented in the 205 post. Whether the other guy ran at the cop, whether he had his hand behind his back, what was reasonable for the cop to think at that point. Only that kind of inquiry will determine whether the cops actions were acceptable. Not smear-tactics like whether the women were "exploited." Or whether the party was a "dime bag" party or whatever it was.

Katy Anders said...

3:48: Maybe. Although they did issue a press release at the time, paper the town with fliers, and brag about it on their website for 2 years.

I'm a little unclear on how you believe this reveals the identity of the clients. Knowing what you know from me, what were the clients' names?

Anonymous said...

I thought that Jade Helm was that girl from Paradise who was a model on the net?

Anonymous said...

4:17 the white woman hiring a high profile attorney has nothing to do with the policeman protecting his gun from the young adult who was too close to him. I believe the woman's story that her friend was attacked when she responded to some of the disrespectful kids who said the pool was public, saying it was private. The woman was falsely accused of making racial slurs, lost her job, moved to California because her kids were threatened. Call it smear tactics or whatever, the party planner was the instigator of all the problems. Perhaps you may agree with the opinion that the residents should have gone inside their houses and let the kids use drugs, have sex and get drunk.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Does Gordon have the cancer?

I fear for the Gordo