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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The radar looked like a hurricane over us this morning. And then I had Mick Jagger stuck in my head singing, "I was born in a crossfire hurricane."
  • WBAP's talk radio host Ben Ferguson, who replaced Mark Davis, is gone. He is replaced by Chris Salcedo who I know nothing about. Yesterday, as the morning crew announced Salcedo's hiring, Hal Jay said he didn't know much about him but hoped "he could teach me Spanish." What followed was dead air and then a commercial. 
  • For Ticket fans only: Gordon Keith missed Monday's show to "sickness" and was late for work this morning. 
  • From the Star-Telegram's home page this morning: 
    • Uh, that's the country of Georgia that used to be part of the Soviet Union. (They changed the headline within 30 minutes.) It reminded me of seeing a quick local TV news blip a few years back which showed about five seconds of a massive snowstorm in "Georgia" which caused the female anchor to say, "I didn't know it snowed that much there." 
  • With Donald Trump all over the news yesterday after his publicity based presidential candidacy announcement, it made me think that Mark Cuban wants to position himself to be Trump in the future. Both are known for being rich, both have written books, both have silly TV shows, both like the camera. (It's kind of like Kenny Chesney positioning himself to follow Jimmy Buffett.)
  • I really hadn't paid much attention to the "white woman" involved in the McKinney Pool Incident who was caught on tape in a mild skirmish and was accused of yelling racial slurs. But the fact that she is now a "client" of Gloria Allred and is being used as her pawn makes me seriously question her judgment.
  • There are law firms which advertise on the radio which basically say they represent only men in divorce.  I know nothing about employment law, but can a law firm refuse to represent women? I restaurant, hotel, or retail store couldn't refuse service to women under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • "A group of Dallas County judges called for more security in family law courtrooms after a weekend shooting at Dallas police headquarters by a gunman angered about losing custody of his child." What's the phrase? "Never let a crisis go to waste"? 
  • You never hear much about the six DPS gunboats which cost $580,000 each when purchased in 2011. 
  • The NBA season finally ended last night. It began on October 28, 2014. That is 232 days.