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Breaking News Within Minutes Of One Another

#1: Suspect in church murders identified:
Edit: Uh, oh
Edit: Now arrested.

#2: And the Supreme Court just ruled, in a 5-4 decision, that Texas can reject a person's request for a specialty license plate bearing the Confederate battle flag.

Oddly, the court said that the license plate is not an individual's "speech" but instead "government speech". So denying a person's request for the plate isn't violating his individual free speech rights. But this is a pretty good dissent from Alito:

#2A Edit: We might as well tie the first two together . . . 

#3: And in news that once again demonstrates I'm a legal genius, one month after I questioned the laws on synthetic drugs because there is no way you can know what it illegal, the Supreme Court agrees with my blog post . . .