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Texas Supreme Court Rules On Same Sex Marriage (Not Really)

It will make news, but it is really no big deal.  A Massachusetts gay couple sought divorce in Texas. The judge granted one and the Texas Attorney General decided to jump into the fray because, it's Texas, and he will get his name out there for a possible future election. Today the court ruled that the Attorney General's attempt to intervene in the case was not proper. Basically, he did it too late.

Our Tweeting Texas Judge Willett, in a dissent, described it this way:

Our Attorney General blundered? Who was that at the time? Oh . . . .


Katy Anders said...

I'm not sure why they bothered to issue it. They heard the case years ago and the US Supremes are issuing their opinion next week.

Why wait so long to issue a non-opinion opinion only days before it becomes moot anyway?

If I didn't know better, I'd think the only possible reason was to embarrass the governor, but that doesn't make any sense, given that the entire court is Republican.

Anonymous said...

Dr Strangegov strikes again!

DF President Merkin Muffley

Anonymous said...

Skippy, Are you saying that the US Attorney General Eric Holder never blundered? He never brought charges against the Black Panthers, ATF agents selling guns to the Mexican Cartels under his and Obammy's orders, Louis Lerner and other IRS agents and Bill, Hillary and Chelsea's money laundering. You're welcome.