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From Last Night

A ruptured gas pipeline near Cuero, Texas.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!

Can we NOT get more regulations!!!!

Laws and regulations laws and regulations...

Say it with me....laws and regulations laws and regulations.

That what we get for electing George W Bush.
More destruction and environmental decay.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty scary considering there are many of us with gas pipelines running across our property.

guinjames said...

That'll roast the Gobblers (Cuero's mascot, or used to be anyway)

Anonymous said...

Ask us if we know where all the pipelines run across Texas. Go ahead, ask us. Afraid of the answer, aren't you?

DF The Railroad Commission
lousy elected officials doing sub-par work: a Texas government tradition

Anonymous said...

You'd think that was funnier if you knew what cuero means

Anonymous said...

9:00 - Are you Kanye West or something?