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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched a little of the U.S. Open last night on Fox.  How can the grass on a course in the very wet Pacific Northeast look like West Texas?
  • The Charleston Church Shooting hits a lot of hot button issues. Race. Guns. Faith. Heck, even the Confederate flag.
  • TCU stayed alive last night in the College World Series. It's an eight team double elimination which I've only become familiar with in detail over the last few years.  One thing I learned: You win the first two, you are in good shape. You lose one of your first two, it's a long road. (There are only four teams remaining but TCU conceivably has to win four in a row to win it all.)
  • Update on my Poor Man's Softball Backstop Project: Yep, it's still going on. I changed the size of the my PVC telescopic pipes last night for more stability. This weekend should be the first full strength test. I'll be as tense as the guy in charge of Mission Control for Apollo 13 as the first softball blast hits it. 
  • Has the DA figured out he's in over his head with the Twin Peaks cases yet? Let's check the Waco papers: "McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna filed forfeiture notices for more than two dozen motorcycles and vehicles owned by bikers arrested in the Twin Peaks shootings." He has all the sense of a guy doubling down at a blackjack table with his past due rent payment on the line. Check that. The blackjack guy has better odds.
  • I wasn't surprised the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Texas could refuse to issue confederate license plates. I am surprised that Texas has a policy of not issuing confederate license plates. 
  • President Obama was accused of politicising the Charleston Church Shooting when he pointed out again that no civilized society has the amount of gun violence in the U.S.  Meanwhile, out in Arizona, Sheriff Joe announced that he is sending out his armed posse to protect black churches on Sunday. 
  • I have a court appearance today and I was just informed my client brought his dog by and wants us to babysit it until its over. We will. This, my friends, is what the glamours life of a modern day lawyer is all about. 
  • More lies by the top brass of DPS to the legislature. This time about the number of arrests some million dollar surveillance program has led to. They previously said 44. The real answer is zero. The DPS Director is Steven McCraw who, for some reason, still has a job.