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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Massive rain headed our way by the very non-threateningly named Tropical Storm Bill heads our way. If got the Liberally Lean Flood Watch Center ready to be fired up at any moment. 
  • The guy who shot up the Dallas PD headquarters was killed as he sat in his van by a police "sniper".  When's the last time we heard of a police sniper kill someone who did not have a hostage, hadn't actually killed someone, and was immobile? Ever? Edit: And in this case, he was 13 miles away from headquarters after a chase, police tried to negotiate with him, and then gave up. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. I'm saying we may not have ever seen something like this. 
  • That three month old black bear club found roaming around in Corinth has found a new home at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Boyd. 
  • Donald Trump will announce whether he's running for President today.  Either he's not and just sucking everyone in for publicity, or he will and then back out in a couple of months just to suck everyone in for publicity. 
  • Waco PD held a press conference on Friday (very low profile time, by the way).  The Chief was pretty cocky saying that of the 44 shell casings found outside Twin Peaks that only 12 came from shots fired by three Waco police officers.  I think I would have waited until we know who fired the shots that killed nine people. And I thought this was odd: The shots fired by Waco PD were from rifles.
  • The news of the grandfather shooting his grandson in Decatur in a hunting accident hit the metroplex TV stations yesterday. It was refreshing to see that none of the family members wished to be interviewed. And I only say "refreshing" because of the bizarre number of people who suffer tragedies and are willing to get on camera in less than 24 hours. Never understood that. 
  • Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis requested an outside investigation yesterday of McKinney PD by the Texas Rangers in connection with the Pool Party Incident of 2015.  What a time waste. Let's move on.
  • "The Left Disbars Another Conservative Prosecutor"  - Rachel Alexander on She actually is referring to the Texas DA who was disbarred on Friday.  Even the Association for Texas Prosecutors reacted to the article: "We want to sympathize with your position, but you might want to find a different poster child. Just sayin'."
  • Fantastic new interactive web page by the Texas Tribune of the 261 inmates on Texas Death Row. Side note: Hard to believe Darlie Routier has been on death row for 18 years and four months.