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Teacher Of Sixth Graders Drunk In Class?

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa —An Iowa teacher has been arrested and charged with public intoxication after she was allegedly drunk while teaching students earlier this week. Carissa Bryant, 33, is a sixth-grade teacher at Lenihan Intermediate School. The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office arrested Bryant Wednesday afternoon after the Marshalltown School District received a tip from a staff member that an employee may be under the influence of alcohol. Chief Deputy Steve Hoffman said the incident happened the same day a county deputy was at the school for DARE anti-drug and alcohol classes. “The irony is not lost,” said Hoffman.Sobriety tests were administered and she was charged with public intoxication. Authorities said Bryant had blood shot eyes, slurred speech, and a blood alcohol concentration of 0.19 percent.

Two quick thoughts: (1) The cops were called? Whatever happened to the days when a co-worker/friend would take control of a situation and help a girl out? Yeah, you shouldn't be drunk. And you probably deserved to be fired or suspended, but arrested?  (2) I've got her defense lined out: "You who have taught sixth graders throw the first stone."