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I Followed This Guy On Twitter . . .

. . . during the George Zimmerman trial because he is a reporter for at Tampa Bay paper. He posted this today.

The letter is like Christian Brothers Automotive but more direct.


guinjames said...

Probably a lacquer head. I wouldn't hire him to paint an out house.

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian but am not about to hire a business that uses these tactics to gain your trust. Look to be screwed bad.

Anonymous said...

Thou shalt not use the Lord's name in vain.

DF Professor Lester


Anonymous said...

Maybe I could convince him that God told me that he should paint my house for free --- you know, his tithe.

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian, but I generally avoid businesses that advertise themselves as the same. It just doesn't sit right with me unless of course you are an ordained minister/pastor.

DF Kenneth Copeland
PS Please donate, my jet is getting old.

Anonymous said...

"In 1981, Mark Carr was working as a graphic arts salesman for a photographic mural company. He had recently moved to Houston from upstate New York and was experiencing some success in his role. Despite his success in the graphic arts industry, Mark still felt discontent. He felt like he was built to be doing something different.

One night, while Mark was feeling particularly discontent, he prayed and asked God to provide him a business. The very next day, while Mark was attending a Sunday school function through Spring Branch Bible Church, a gentleman from his class walked up to Mark and mentioned that he was an automotive technician and asked Mark if he would help him start an automotive repair shop.

The two men did not know what to call this new venture, but were encouraged by their Sunday school class to call it Christian Brothers Automotive as they were two brothers in Christ."

God will give you a business and untold sums of money the "very next day" if you just pray for it! I never knew.