Big Loss For DA Even In Conservative Palo Pinto County

Do you remember this case? A lady high on drugs falls into a freezer and ends up locked in it and dying.  So what does the DA do? Prosecute the gal's husband because he admitted to providing her meth. But it wasn't just a "delivery charge", he charged the guy with causing her death because of the delivery. Really? (I know I yelled about this when I first learned about the charge.)

The defendant was dumb enough to admit to smoking meth with his wife earlier but that's about it. But is there any way in the world a prosecutor could think he could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this particular instance of smoking meth caused her death?  What if her "toxicology report also indicated other substances found in the body included marijuana, hydrocodone and a prescription anti-anxiety medication"? And what if we have an honest medical examiner who actually knows his limitations and ruled the death an "accident"?

Not guilty on causing her death. Guilty on providing her meth. And it's hard to be found not guilty of anything in Palo Pinto County.