Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I ran the Cowtown Half Marathon of Sunday (being caught off guard on Saturday night when they announced it was still on).  The initial part of the race took us through Trinity Park and the ice on the road was insane. After that obstacle course, it was pretty clear. Loved it. 
  • It's been a couple of years since I've participated in one of those races and there's a huge change: At the starting line, it looks like Selfie City. 
  • To get to the race I had to drive I-30 over Camp Bowie which is where only hours earlier an oral surgeon and two of his assistants slid off the road into a creek. He and one assistant died. 
  • Something that should get more press: DPS, right before it asked the legislature to shower it with bags of money for more border security, completely changed the way they calculated the value of drug seizures to demonstrate what a great job they are doing. Overnight, they changed the value of drugs seized because of"Operation Strong Safety" from $181 million to $1.8 billion. 
  • I've had a crazy rash develop. It looks like fingernails have been drug across my skin over a four inch area and then, within two hours, it will disappear completely only to show up somewhere else. And then disappear once again just as quickly. It's like a horror movie. 
  • Good lord, I saw the headlines last night of LAPD shooting a homeless man, but I just watched the unedited video. (Very Graphic.) Have the cops lost their collective minds in the last two years? Deadly force is the last option. And nine cops can't subdue a guy living on the street? 
  • I had the best time sledding on Saturday after we found a fantastic high and sloped hill. Watching kids doing that will make you smile. (And huge credit to the Family Unit for getting up early to go do it.)
  • Nina Pham is suing Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas because she contracted Ebola. That's disappointing. (And for you civil lawyers, why isn't she limited to a worker's comp claim?)
  • Brian Cuban sent me a tweet on 8:02 a.m. on Sunday telling me I should get a life since all I do is obsess about Sean Hannity and "his family".  Hey, buddy, I'm not the one sending tweets to strangers at 8:02 on Sunday morning.  (I would have responded but my life caused me to be in line for the aforementioned half marathon start at that moment. And why does he care about Hannity?)
  • I mentioned last week that ESPN writer Ivan Maisel's son was missing. Check out this tweet from Peter King: "I once lost my daughter in a NJ mall for 3 minutes. Worst 3 minutes of my life. I so feel for the @Ivan_Maisel family. #FindMax".   He was summarily roasted for being tone deaf.
  • Texas Republican State Representative Tony Tinderholt was so angry that a Travis County judge authorized the marriage of a same sex couple last week that he filed a (handwritten) judicial complaint. He got so many things wrong that it is laughable. Then I learned this man defending the sanctity of marriage has been married five times. 
  • Finally watched the Modern Family episode "shot completely on iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2." I thought it was brilliant. 
  • Facts are just coming in, but an attempted murder-suicide in Benbrook last night has to have a crazy back story behind it.