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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • "The Tarrant County district attorney’s office has asked Grapevine police not to release dash-cam video of last month’s police shooting that killed an unarmed North Richland Hills man because it is considered evidence." Man, how bad is that video? And I bet DA Sharen Wilson didn't "ask". She demanded. 
  • I wanted to rent a Rug Doctor again to clean the carpets yesterday but thought I should ask Mrs. LL beforehand since I was going to make a lot of noise. Her response, "Knock yourself out."
  • I'm still working on "mindfulness" concept. At this point I just have my toe in the water and thinking "this really feels great". 
  • I'm not saying I busted my arse yesterday working from home, but the concept is amazing. I have a paperless office and store everything in the "cloud" so I have every document and all case information at my fingertips. And, with Westlaw, I have the greatest law library in the world on my laptop. 
  • I went all out last weekend with walking in the snow at night and sledding with the Family Unit until I was exhausted. On Thursday night at around 11:00 when the snow really came down the Junior In The House was looking out the window with me and (maybe seriously) said, "You wanna go make a snow angel?" I should have said "yes".
  • Ran across a tweet by Houston judge Ryan Patrick last night who posted the cover of the most recent Texas Bar Journal which has a cover title of "The Vanishing Jury Trial". He wrote: "Um, not in the 177th. Criminal law is where the action is."  That sends me over the edge. He presides over felony cases which impact lives forever and he flippantly considers it to be "where the action is".  Quick research revealed he was appointed to the job to fill a vacancy, just happens to be the son of  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick , and describes himself as "Christian, Husband, Father, Baylor Bear & Judge of the 177th Criminal Dist Ct. Youngest Dist Ct judge in TX". Since Harris County is a Democrat county, he'll be out of a job soon. 
  • This isn't the best quality Vine, but it's a video of a one car crash this morning which resulted in a huge fire by the Texas Motor Speedway.
  • Breaking: Unemployment is down to 5.5% -- the lowest in seven years. And that's without invading a couple of countries.
  • BagOfNothing's dog in the snow is pretty cute. Ours loved it but were more cautious.
  • Ringling Brothers has decided to phase out elephants from its circus. Donald Trump said he would never go again because "they probably used the animal rights stuff to reduce costs."  Interesting to think that he was invited to speak at CPAC a couple of weeks ago along with every other potential Republican presidential hopeful. 
  • Ticket Fans: The Fake Michael Irvin's school closing song yesterday to the tune of In Da Club made me laugh out loud yesterday morning. 
  • Former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling is reaching martyrdom status for defending his daughter against cyber-bullies. That's better press than he received two years ago when he was accused of defrauding the government of Rhode Island out out a $75 million loan for his private business that may have never had any chance to survive.


Anonymous said...

What video of a crash? There's a video of a car fire.

Anonymous said...

Breaking: Unemployment is down to 5.5% -- the lowest in seven years. And that's without invading a couple of countries.

Wordkyle showing up here to dispute that number in 3...2...1...

wordkyle said...

Unemployment - Despite an increase in population of 179,000 people, the labor force actually declined by almost the same number, 178,000. The number of people considered “not in the labor force” grew by 354,000. No job, but “not in the labor force?” Then officially you’re not unemployed. This statistical pothole is why Americans have become familiar with the term U6 unemployment rate.

Anonymous said...

You might learn how unemployment figures are calculated before throwing them around.

Anonymous said...

How often was Donald Trump going to the circus, anyway?

I'm guessing the impact on Ringling Bros. of losing Trump's business will be similar to the impact on Target of losing the business of one hack writer.

Anonymous said...

And the best part is all those people whose unemployment has run out don't officially count. And stupid people believe Obama actually lowered unemployment.

DF Jonathan Gruber

Anonymous said...

Great article on Immigration. It should make even liberal Americans worry:

Anonymous said...

Barry, remember that the Cloud can be an unforgiving mistress. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

DF Bill "Mixed Metaphor" Gates
created on a CP/M machine

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here at my computer and not looking for any work. Why should I when I milk the government and former employers for $5,000 per month? I am not considered unemployed.

Anonymous said...

9:27 AM said...
I am sitting here at my computer and not looking for any work. Why should I when I milk the government and former employers for $5,000 per month? I am not considered unemployed.

Well buddy you just keep up the good work. How about doing a youtube video on how you are accomplishing this scam?

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying I busted my arse yesterday working from home, but the concept is amazing. I have a paperless office and store everything in the "cloud" so I have every document and all case information at my fingertips. And, with Westlaw, I have the greatest law library in the world on my laptop.

Seems like a little overkill for DUI defense

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you people disregard Wordkyle's rebuttal to Barry's trumpeting of the unemployment figures. He happens to be correct in the way the government does the calculations.

Are you all on some government aid as well?

Anonymous said...

What is the RTG girl on the left packing?

wordkyle said...

854 - Your error is in assuming I "dispute the numbers." Not at all, math is math. What I do is explain
a) Why the lower unemployment rate is due in large part to ignoring millions of people who don't have jobs; and
b) Touting the unemployment rate while knowing that it's bogus reflects either a severe lack of comprehension or a partisan disregard for the truth.

Anonymous said...

9:35, It is know as LBJ's Great Society.

Anonymous said...

BBC Foreknowledge of Collapse of WTC Building 7? Brother of 9/11 Victim goes to Court with the BBC over Alleged Cover Up

"...BBC reported on live television that WTC Building 7 had collapsed more than 20 minutes before it actually collapsed."

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

8:54am... spot on.

10:10am, loosen up the tinfoil on your head.

DF Paul S. Boyer

Anonymous said...

Since Harris County is a Democrat county, he'll be out of a job soon.

Both Patricks are goofballs, for sure. And given that our grand juries indict so many people on almost no evidence, I'm not sure that so many criminal jury trials is a good thing.

But--Harris County voting trends are more complex than that.

In 2007, every county-wide judge in Harris County was a Republican. Every one. That's 24 civil district courts, 22 criminal district courts, 3 juvenile district courts, 10 family district courts (each with an associate judge), 4 civil courts at law, 15 criminal courts at law, and 4 probate courts. That's 82 county-wide courts in Harris County alone.

Houston itself trends left, but the rest of the county is solidly right, and Harris County is made up primarily of suburbs. The county precinct in which I live, for example, only has Republican elected officials (including the likes of Ted Poe, Patricia Harless, and Debbie Riddle), and has more people in it than eleven states. That's just one of six precincts.

So, in 2008 when Obama was on the ticket, the Democrats came out in droves and every county Republican judge lost except four (out of about 35 district and county court judges on the ballot in 2008)--and those were by razor thin margins.

In 2010, the Tea Party started up strong, and Republicans won again by (in general) a 70/30 margin.

Then in 2012, Obama was on the ticket and the Democrats elected in 2008 all kept their benches with easy margins.

And then in 2014, all the Republicans who had been elected in 2010 kept theirs as well.

So, although Harris County will likely turn blue faster than the rest of the state, it's not really that simple. We are far more susceptible to the vagaries of voter turnout than the average county. The presence or absence of Obama on the ticket causes Wild swings in the election results, from Republicans losing to Republicans winning by massive margins. And I'm not sure the turnout will be the same for a non-Obama candidate, even a woman, if Wendy Davis is any example. Democrats have been trying to get Hillary her turn for years, but I don't think that will be enough to effect down-ballot elections in Harris County.


Katy Anders said...

Harris County isn't really all that democratic. Houston is in City elections, but up until 2008, every elected county judge higher than the Justice of the Peace level was Republican.

We're pretty close to being back to that point again.

In fact, there are generally 4 or 5 district judge positions in which the Republican has no ballot opponent. I've known more than a couple people running for county judge positions who said "I am Republican because I want to get elected."

And they did!

Anonymous said...


Being the self proclaimed "technology lawyer" and all, could you please weigh in on the Hillary email scandal?

Anonymous said...

@9:35 or any other democrat

These figures are based on annual amounts.

Unemployment $20,448
Food Stamps $6,000
TANF $3,500
WIC $6,000
Obama Phone $1,200
Obama Health $3,500
Section 8 house $9,048
Income Tax $5,500

Total $55,195

Average per month $4,599

Anonymous said...

10:17 I had to turn my hat into electronics shielding.

Anonymous said...

Here is the real truth about unemployment:

Anonymous said...

9:37 Be careful.

PRISM Scatters Attorney-Client Privilege - Law360

Cloud risks: Technology use tests the attorney-client privilege

The Cloud and the Small Law Firm: Business, Ethics and Privilege ...

Anonymous said...

Go Bulls!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unemployment & Jobs

Just use real numbers. In Bush's final year, the US lost 4.4 Million jobs. In 2014, private employers alone added more than 2.5 Million jobs.

But, I'm sure that's irrelevant since Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Why do you people engage Wordkyle? He's the Sarah Palin of this blog.

CT said...

Yassss, 11:25am!

Go Bulls!!!

Anonymous said...

10:43 AM

"Obama Phone" is actually a "Bush Phone."

Check your facts. These phones have been around for years.

wordkyle said...

1145 - Without even checking I won't dispute your numbers. The economic crash is no secret. Nor is the fact that after six years with Obama as president the economy is finally showing small signs of improvement. That's immaterial to my point, however -- that Obama supporters repeatedly try to brag about a number that is easily shown to be deceptive.

1148 - I'll bet you can't explain your comment.

Anonymous said...

11:57 your right... It was in effect three months before Osama took office. GOOD JOB!! Now tell me how Osama has no control over it?


Anonymous said...

Economy is showing small sign of improvement? What a huge lie.

And as if any sign of improvement wouldn't be better than the free fall we experienced under Bush.

Anonymous said...

Wordy: I was just being supportive of 1125's comment about bulls. That's my only explanation.

I'm pretty sure by the tone that 1148(a) doesn't care to engage in chatter with you.

Anonymous said...

What is the RTG girl on the left packing?

Ungulation of c. camelus.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Sarah Palin or Wordkyle, but your comparison just doesn't add up.

Sarah Palin is an airhead that got everything she has in life from her looks.

Wordkyle has nothing. His life is this blog.

Anonymous said...


Haaaaaa! 8:54 got you good!

Kyle, have you ever in your life said to someone:"Yeah, you know me," or do you always have to be a nitpicking, sniveling little weasel?

You're predictable, and the poster at 8:54 not only called you out on it, but did so as you were posting exactly what he said you would! Yet you still had to say something.

I bet you were always the last guy picked in P.E.

Anonymous said...

Boy you liberal name callers are out in force today. I didn't think you could surf the web at ur guvment job?

Oh...does Obama provide high speed access as well?

Anonymous said...

Someone should have told the RTGs today that their bathing suits make it look like they have weiners.

Weiners I say!

Anonymous said...

Statistics from Bush's last year in office reflect the fear that the business sector had of Obama. The stock market went south at exactly the date that Obama went ahead of Bush in the polls. It was anticipation of hard times. Business does not wait for crap to happen. They anticipate what the effects of current and upcoming situations will be and place their bets. So the falling economy late in Bush's Presidency was caused by fear of an idiot being the next President.

mzchief said...

Really??!!!...Nothing on Hillary's demand that the U.S. elect the next POTUS based on gender, merely because it's time for the U.S. to have a female POTUS?

People need to realize, six years ago, Hillary Clinton was second choice to Obama. We have all seen how the Democrat's first choice has worked out. In six years, the Democrats have NO OPTION other than Hillary Clinton.

However, the Republicans are just as bad hanging their hopes on the Bush brother no one wanted, until they ran out of Bushes.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
~Albert Einstein

wordkyle said...

220 - You limit your choices too much on what my reaction might be. A person doesn't have to "know" me to realize that I always respond to BG's sad posts about Obama's unemployment rate. I've only bee doing it for years; it doesn't take Kreskin to anticipate it.

Here's how I see your attitude. You say, "I'm gonna say something incredibly stupid. Watch wordkyle come back with a reply pointing out my stupidity." Then, when I do it, you act as though you've accomplished something. Manipulating me? Maybe. But your stupidity is still on display.

102/1108(b) - My apologies. I should have been more specific as to who I was replying to. Go in peace.

100 - You'll need to show your work behind your "freefall under Bush" comment. But you are correct that "any improvement" is appreciated. The improvement is fragile, and in many cases a facade. But after six years even Democrats couldn't suppress the American economy.

Anonymous said...

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

I have been practicing mindfulness for a number of years and I use the word practice because I am far from where I would eventually like to be. The two things you will notice first is how a few minutes a day can relax and change your prospective for the better. The bigger surprise for me was how much of the day I went through mindlessly. Mindless driving, mindless work, mindless eating. You will soon see so many benefits and applications in your life, you will be motivated to continue. It's not easy to break the mindless patterns but rewarding when you do. I suggest picking one task at first, such as eating, and try to practice the concept before taking the whole life approach.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Grapvine cop murder video- how bad must it be?

Horrible- it depicts the murder of an unarmed person by an imbicilic cop.

Anonymous said...

Can we talk about the Battle of the Big Sandy?