Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • "The Tarrant County district attorney’s office has asked Grapevine police not to release dash-cam video of last month’s police shooting that killed an unarmed North Richland Hills man because it is considered evidence." Man, how bad is that video? And I bet DA Sharen Wilson didn't "ask". She demanded. 
  • I wanted to rent a Rug Doctor again to clean the carpets yesterday but thought I should ask Mrs. LL beforehand since I was going to make a lot of noise. Her response, "Knock yourself out."
  • I'm still working on "mindfulness" concept. At this point I just have my toe in the water and thinking "this really feels great". 
  • I'm not saying I busted my arse yesterday working from home, but the concept is amazing. I have a paperless office and store everything in the "cloud" so I have every document and all case information at my fingertips. And, with Westlaw, I have the greatest law library in the world on my laptop. 
  • I went all out last weekend with walking in the snow at night and sledding with the Family Unit until I was exhausted. On Thursday night at around 11:00 when the snow really came down the Junior In The House was looking out the window with me and (maybe seriously) said, "You wanna go make a snow angel?" I should have said "yes".
  • Ran across a tweet by Houston judge Ryan Patrick last night who posted the cover of the most recent Texas Bar Journal which has a cover title of "The Vanishing Jury Trial". He wrote: "Um, not in the 177th. Criminal law is where the action is."  That sends me over the edge. He presides over felony cases which impact lives forever and he flippantly considers it to be "where the action is".  Quick research revealed he was appointed to the job to fill a vacancy, just happens to be the son of  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick , and describes himself as "Christian, Husband, Father, Baylor Bear & Judge of the 177th Criminal Dist Ct. Youngest Dist Ct judge in TX". Since Harris County is a Democrat county, he'll be out of a job soon. 
  • This isn't the best quality Vine, but it's a video of a one car crash this morning which resulted in a huge fire by the Texas Motor Speedway.
  • Breaking: Unemployment is down to 5.5% -- the lowest in seven years. And that's without invading a couple of countries.
  • BagOfNothing's dog in the snow is pretty cute. Ours loved it but were more cautious.
  • Ringling Brothers has decided to phase out elephants from its circus. Donald Trump said he would never go again because "they probably used the animal rights stuff to reduce costs."  Interesting to think that he was invited to speak at CPAC a couple of weeks ago along with every other potential Republican presidential hopeful. 
  • Ticket Fans: The Fake Michael Irvin's school closing song yesterday to the tune of In Da Club made me laugh out loud yesterday morning. 
  • Former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling is reaching martyrdom status for defending his daughter against cyber-bullies. That's better press than he received two years ago when he was accused of defrauding the government of Rhode Island out out a $75 million loan for his private business that may have never had any chance to survive.