Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • It's amazing that the federal lawsuit over those ticket holders who did not get a seat at the Super Bowl in Jerry World has gone to a jury trial. Federal. Jury. All over that? The NFL lawyers yesterday told the jury that they are willing to pay for the cost of the tickets as well as all hotel and travel expenses. 
  • I'm predicting a Double Not Fake Ice Storm Alert for Wise County tomorrow afternoon.
  • Get ready for an insane amount of potholes. (Still love that "Because I'm a pothole!" commercial that has been retired). 
  • I'm still not sure what I think about Hillary using a personal email account instead of a government email account when conducting business as Secretary of State. (It sure is big news this morning.)  First, if I'm a high ranking government official, I'm not using email for business at all. Secondly, the last thing I want is an email account that ends in .gov  (or co.wise.tex.us for that matter.) 
  • Another police chase last night in Fort Worth with a twist. A cop car was hit as he was headed to the location where the chase had ended without emergency lights. "He stopped at a stop sign and then was hit by a car as he made his way through the intersection." Riiiiiigggghtttt. Injuries ensued. 
  • The rescued Family Pup #2 will only walk to the left (her perspective) of the person opening the door for her to go outside. If you move to give her a lot of room to go to the right, she'll just sit there. 
  • And there was kind of a disturbing moment with the pup over the weekend when I picked up a spare PVC pipe from the flute project, slightly popped it against my palm, and she took off running to another room. 
  • It's behind a paywall (at least for me) but the Star-Telegram elaborated on that crazy murder/suicide yesterday in Benbrook.  A guy goes to an acquaintance house who was dating his former girlfriend. The homeowner goes to the door. Words are exchanged. For some reason, the homeowner fires through the door eventually killing the man. The homeowner calls 911 and then shoots and kills himself. And the woman at the center of this controversy was in the house the whole time.
  • DPS just revealed how many new troopers it wants to hire for border security: 250.  And what happens once they are pulled off the border? You know they'll just be assigned to regular duty.  I'd go on my regular rant about Big Government and Too Many Cops but I think we are past the point of no return. 
  • I've diagnosed my weird skin condition as an allergy attributable to new shampoo or an excessive amount of jalapeno peppers lately. Or leprosy. 
  • Fifty-three Democrats will skip Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to a joint session of Congress today. 
  • Question heard on the radio yesterday: Is Nina Pham the hottest woman to ever contract Ebola?
  • The briefest and most unspectacular "brawl" in the Baylor/Texas game last night ended up with seven players being ejected. (I was fascinated by an assistant Texas coach who ran into the brawl and acted like he was trying to stop a prison riot.)