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If You Need Any Proof That The Nina Pham Lawsuit Is Nothing More Than A Lawyer Publicity Stunt

Look at the lawsuit that was released to the press two days ago by Pham's lawyer before it was even filed -- a tactic which amazingly makes Gloria Allred seem like Atticus Finch.   It has graphics, quotes, and it reads like an article out of People.  Hey, it's been a long time since I've done anything but criminal law, but I'm pretty sure this pleading isn't made for a court -- it's made to get publicity.  And, sadly, it worked. Every local (and national) media outlet was sucked in.

I almost have more respect for those Texas Hammer commercials.


Anonymous said...

any wonder why the world hates lawyers. its a-holes like them.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how much traction they're going to get with that cause of action based on the 2nd Restatement of Torts. Ugh.

This is crap. Not only is it grandstanding and PR, it's poorly written. But they'll make millions, I'm sure, just because the hospital wants it to go away. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

Jealousy is a terrible thing, Barrister.

Anonymous said...

While we normally disagree about plaintiff's lawsuits (you seem to think all are bad), this is awful.

One, if there is workers comp, the entire claim is barred.
Two, if the employer is a non-subscriber (no comp) then the case's non-economic damages are capped under the CPRC.

Anonymous said...

"Sadly" he's doing his job. His job, as many lawyers, is not about respect, truth or justice.

It's about winning the case and extracting as many dollars from his opponent as possible.

Money and power, not integrity, buys respect in today's society. Examples include Pro team owners and big name politicians.

They suffer through their guilt & shame during flights on their private jets...

Anonymous said...

Charla Aldous is a wretched woman.