Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I've been somewhat in the dark about why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was so intent on speaking before Congress yesterday but I finally figured it out: He's in a heated election set for March 17th and the speech was broadcast in Israel.
  • I had someone pretty politically connected tell me yesterday that if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down same sex marriage laws that some Texas county clerks might refuse to issue marriage licenses to gays for religious/moral reasons.  That potential had never crossed my mind. I mentioned that it would seem analogous to a Southern governor standing in front of a school house door after segregation laws were struck down.
  • A Fort Worth police officer was arrested for DWI after going out Monday night. (And the Mansfield jail allowed him to exit out the back door to avoid reporters.)
  • Bridgeport's basketball team won last night and gets the great joy of traveling to Lubbock for Friday's game as they continue their playoff run.  It's a story with many multiple angles if the metroplex press would pay attention.  
  • Far right Republicans tried to block the funding of the President's "amnesty by executive order" action by not funding the Department of Homeland Security yesterday. They failed. Almost all Texas Congressmen voted not to fund it but one who did was Wise County's own Kay Granger. We might want to check her birth certificate because she obviously doesn't love America.
  • Some think Speaker John Boehner scheduled the vote on the same day as Netanyahu's speech in order to distract the heat he will take from the Far Right for not strong arming the moderate Republicans into voting no. Not a bad theory.
  • I was stunned to see that in a Wise County Criminal Case I'm handling that the officer, after the arrest, notified the arrestee's employer of her arrest and notified a licensing board of it as well.
  • Someone in my office has Fleetwood Mac tickets for tonights show in Dallas. And an ice storm is threatening not to be a fan of their music.  
  • What happened to all those stories about the U.S. Postal Service being in financial dire straits?
  • My commercial-described-as-a-newstory-theory took a twist yesterday when the Ticket's Hardline spent an entire segment promoting a sport website with nothing but glowing praise and with no snark and no criticism.  Trust me, when Corby Davidson says, "It is so easy to navigate", there's a paid commercial going on. 
  • Ferguson police officer email about President Obama's first term: “what black man holds a steady job for four years.” I told you having one of those .gov emails could get you in trouble.