Star-Telegram Fires First Shot At The New Tarrant County DA


Let's be honest about the elephant in the room: That lady is a nutcase.  She's like an angry and unhappy Ted Cruz or Dan Patrick on meth yet with ultimate power. You should all be scared. Make no mistake about it, she holds the most powerful position in Tarrant County with the capability to destroy lives. Ironically, the article (which only scratches the surface) concerns how she is treating her staff with an iron glove.  If the article accurately represents her attitude towards those who she should care about, I fear for those who she is prosecuting.

The stories are legendary about how, as a judge, she harshly treated prosecutors, defense lawyers, and even spectators in her court. Until recently I thought it was limited to that. Then I learned she treated her court staff just as harshly. That's mind blowing. Those who work for you protect you. I'd love to see how she treats a waiter.

Side note: Many years ago I was talking to a former Tarrant County assistant DA who told me she had an upcoming probation revocation hearing in Wilson's court. "It's a true-but" she said. I replied with a confused, "What?" "It's a true-but. You know, the allegations in the motion to revoke the probation are true but there are some reasons why he shouldn't be revoked," came the response.  I asked, "Does that ever work in that court?" Her response: "Not really. Unless the defendant is young, white and female." I turned to her in amazement but she was distracted. She had uttered those words casually and with no axe to grind.

I can't tell you how badly I feel for every prosecutor in her office. I suspect that most would leave but because of the ridiculous glut of lawyers out there, they simply have nowhere to go. But for those who have already walked out, you will never regret the decision. You can always look in the mirror and say, "I refused to be bullied  by her."

Wilson's campaigns as a judge always amused me. Her signs would say, "A tough Republican!" Politics aside, shouldn't that read, "A tough and fair Republican"?

Being a bad person and horrible boss is one thing, prosecuting people is another. We live in an age where we are finally discovering how wrongful convictions can occur because of prosecutors who care more about themselves than doing the right thing and seeking justice.  I said last year that Sharen Wilson  has the potential to be the re-incarnation of the now disgraced former Dallas DA Henry Wade. I just pray that every media outlet monitors her every move. Kudos to the Star-Telegram for at least firing the first shot.