Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I said yesterday that the prosecutor in that horrible double child murder in Graham had caused the jury to question her credibility by telling them the defendant loved his children whom he had killed. Yesterday, that jury decided against the death penalty.
  • The failure to get the death penalty in that case is telling. That would have been a no-brainer for a jury 30 years ago and just shows how the public has now turned against it. If the Texas legislature never has the courage to abolish the death penalty, a civilized society might do it for them by never imposing it.
  • Historic day for Bridgeport basketball as it plays in the state tournament at 1:30 p.m today. 
  • Jeopardy fans: Watch only one contestant make it to Final Jeopardy as the two others end in the negative number. 
  • Had a kid kind of circle me on a bike yesterday while I was jogging and at one point pulled out a cellphone. I could only think about the scene in Breaking Bad where a kid on bike turned out to be a hitman. 
  • For America to be a Christian nation, we sure have a lot of experts on Islam.
  • I haven't mentioned it, but I was really disturbed of the footage of ISIS from a couple of weeks ago destroying rare works of art in an Iraq museum.  Then I heard someone say that its crazy how that video can cause in some people a more emotional response than the numerous executions. (Side note: I learned from an On The Media podcast that most of the works of art which were destroyed were simply duplicates with the originals having been moved for safe keeping before the arrival of ISIS. A quick search found a similar report from Newsweek.)
  • Got behind an extended cab white truck this morning on College and then Hale streets and it was going 10 mph. Not 20 or 15. 10 mph. That's sloooooow. But it was staying in between the lines and came to a complete stop at a stop sign and signaled. It was just barely moving. It was too dark for me to see the driver. 
  • I can't find a news article on it, but an Austin reporter covering the legislature noted yesterday that the heads of agency after agency lined up a hearing asking for millions of dollars to repair and upgrade government buildings. 
  • Grapevine cop involed shooting update: I'm not sure what I think about the lady who claims she came upon the victim laying by his car with no cops around. In essence, she is saying after the cop shot him, that cop left. The videos in the case would give us the truth but they are not being released. If she's right, this is going to be bad. 
  • "Innocent Driver Injured In Carrollton Police Chase." 
  • From all of the mercenaries on the Mavericks to the crazy number of players changing teams during NFL free agency, Jerry Seinfeld had it dead right: "When it is all said and done, we're just cheering for laundry."