Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The other day I said I thought there was a real free speech issue with the University of Oklahoma kicking kids out of school for the words they utter. I was pleased to see yesterday that a smart legal expert believes the same thing
  • But it was shocking to listen to The Ticket yesterday discussing that issue. Corby Davidson said, "Government has nothing to do with this."  Mind blowing. OU is the government. Craig Miller said this morning, "It's similiar to whether an employer fire an employee if he learns that employee has ties to the Klan."  Double mind blowing. Private employers are not the government. And I heard several times that this free speech issue was a moot point because none of the kids would challenge their expulsion. Ummkay. Let's just accept it. 
  • Someone pointed out that freshman five star OU running back Joe Mixon was kicked off the team for one year for slugging a woman in a bar but will be given a second chance and allowed back on the team this year. 
  • That Superbowl ticket fiasco trial is driving me crazy. Jerry Jones testifies for two and half hours yesterday? And the Cowboys aren't even a defendant. I'm stunned that a federal judge in a federal court has allowed this to drag on. Heck, it wouldn't happen in the district court in Wise County. 
  • There's an item in the Update about an Aurora City Councilman who has filed for re-election despite entering a plea to a sexual offense in Wise County. What jumped out at me: He received three years deferred adjudication probation via a plea bargain for Indecency With A Child. Historically, an agreement like that normally means the State had extreme concerns about whether they could win their case, and the defendant was willing to accept the deal because of the risk of getting hammered if things go south in front of a jury. But that's just a guess in regards to this particular case. 
  • Sports: (1) I forgot who said it yesterday, but the line that the "first five hours of NFL free agency is more entertaining than the first five months of baseball" is spot on, (2) I've said it for two years, the Mavericks are about to hit a ten years of horrible basketball once Dirk is done. And he's done. (3) I always brag about Baylor sports, but their baseball team is horrible. 
  • Some Dallas lawyer filed a class action lawsuit against Toyota, Ford and Gerneral Motors because the new cars they manufacture can be "hacked". Two things: (1) The lawsuit was 342 pages long, and (2)  Whenever you see "class action" there will only be one group of people who will benefit: The lawyers. Whether it be those for the plaintiffs, defendants, or both. It's really amazing those things are allowed.
  • After the Sixth Grader In The House said "What?" three straight times to the same question by Mrs. LL, I got to softly utter to myself the Pulp Fiction lines of, "Say 'what' again. I dare you. Do they speak English in What?"
  • It's half price day at the Fort Worth Zoo. Ask yourself: Is saving $4.50 per child worth that chaos? 
  • Tarrant County DA's Office watch: A prosecutor talks to a judge during a capital murder trial about upcoming evidence when the defense lawyer isn't present and then later blindsides the defense with the evidence? (Star-Telegram story so there may or may not be a paywall. And the story almost buries the lead.)   Edit: My bad. Case is being tried in Tarrant County but the Tarrant County DA is not involved. 
  • Eleven service members were killed in helicopter crash in the Florida panhandle last night. How does that happen?
  • I'm no home builder, but I'm guessing that putting a new house on a truck doesn't help much with its structural integrity . . .