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We Have A Verdict

A federal court was occupied for almost two weeks for this? The NFL has always said it tried to settle this thing and there's no question they were willing to pay that a long time ago.

Question: Is the Plaintiff's lawyer entitled to recover attorney's fees over and above this because it is a breach of contract case?

"Today we received justice for my clients who were dumb enough to spend outrageous amounts of money on tickets for an NFL game in the first place.  And make no mistake about it, this $76,000 verdict sends a message to the NFL, which made $9.5 billion this year, that they can't abuse its fans, cover up domestic abuse, or ignore the impact of brain injuries. Oh, and camera guy, could you move a bit. My right side is my good side."*

*Since this guy will sue over anything, let's be clear that this was not his actual statement. It probably should have been, but it wasn't.

Edit: Based upon a very informed commenter, the NFL will not have to pay his attorney's fees which can happen in breach of contract cases. So was this a financial win for that lawyer? I can't possibly see how. There's no way his seven clients agreed to pay him by the hour. No way. So I would suspect he took a contingency fee. 40%? 33%?  But think about his expenses. First, he's from California. I bet his travel and hotel bills alone for the prep and actual trial of this case are astronomical. Throw in the cost for depositions (court reporters, videographers, transcripts) and other typical litigation costs, and the figure has to be real, real high.  And all that doesn't even factor in the amount of time he dedicated to this thing.  When all is said and done, it wouldn't surprise me if he ended up working for below minimum wage. Did he do it for publicity? Possibly. But can any of you name him?