Trophy Club Youth Sports: Bring Your Lawyer

At least if stuff like this goes on.

This is a new court opinion. It's long. Kinda complicated. But the facts are insane.

A guy sues two other guys for defamation arising out of everyone's participation in "Trophy Club Roanoke Baseball Association." (You know, a baseball league for kids.) In fact, Ryan Williams was a coach and he sued his assistant coach and the commissioner of the association. If you ever been involved in those summer sports of youth baseball and softball, you learn that its some of the parents and coaches who make you fear for our future instead of the kids.

I tried, the best I could, to wade through the facts and I kept waiting for the Big Reveal. What could possibly have been said that prompted a lawsuit?  It's bizarre. It basically centered on Williams believing that he was called "abusive" as a coach which he did not appreciate. But there's also part of the opinion regarding the treatment of Williams son by others during the all-start team selection process. However, I was left with the impression of, "You sued two people over that?"

The opinion documents meetings, telephone calls, emails, and text messages among parents and coaches. So much time and energy wasted.

The court actually kicked out the lawsuit. Legally, they considered it to be a "SLAPP" lawsuit under Texas law -- filed in retaliation for the defendants exercise of free speech and without enough evidence existing to ever support the plaintiff's claims of defamation.

I only wish the court would have ended with the opinion with, "We conclude there is no crying in baseball." Instead, they remanded the case back to the trial court to determine if the defendants are entitled to an "award of costs, attorney's fees, and sanctions."