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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Tarrant County trial: A guy turned down a 30 year plea bargain in a murder case and was found not guilty.
  • "An off-duty police officer working as a security guard at a Fort Worth night club shot and injured a man early Sunday." And to think I was worried about the increase in cops shooting people while on duty. (There sure are a lot of police shootings that are based upon a vehicle being driven "at" them. Is there some weird mentality of "I'll stand in front of the vehicle and if  he drives towards me I get to kill him"? It happens way too often.)
  • I had to drive down I-35 into Fort Worth yesterday. Pothole city. They were causing traffic jams. 
  • I mentioned the other day how silly I thought it was that the NFL was being sued for the Super Bowl ticket mess in Dallas. Not because the claim wasn't valid but because it couldn't be settled. There has now been a jury of regular folks who have been held hostage in that trial for two weeks and who have been inconvenienced far more than the Plaintiffs ever were. I think they will factor that in to their verdict.
  • The OU fraternity racist rant situation has my head spinning. A kid(s) ruining his life within 20 seconds. A school crushing an organization in record time without even pausing to consider all facts and all options. Racism. Free Speech. Social media. Parents. 
  • I really haven't paid attention to the story about the Republican letter to Iran because I can't get past the title, "Republicans Send Letter To Iran." 
  • The Junior In The House will silently frustrate me because she doesn't seem to be interested in things I find interesting. Then I think back to when I was a Junior In The House and realize things aren't particularly different. 
  • Sports: The Ticket's Hardline the other day said that the best thing troubled Josh Hamilton could do would be to walk away from baseball.  He is owed a mind-blowing $90 million over the next three years. How many of us would say, "I'm not worth it and you can keep the money"? 
  • During every weather related TV shot of traffic, there always seems to be a Fed Ex truck in the picture. 
  • Someone questioned the accuracy of the Fit Bit the other day. When Mrs. LL and I went sledding the other day we woke up early and walked forever to get to the hill. Later in the morning, our 10,000 step notification went off within ten minutes of one another. I think that's proof. Or a coincidence. 
  • It was a big The Bachelor night in house last night as I casually glanced at the screen from time to time. I finally figured out why women love guys like him: He just looks at whoever is talking to him in a deep and longing fashion and keeps his mouth shut.  Genius. A beating for him, but genius. 
  • Not sure what I think about this: Baylor women's coach Kim Mulkey went on a rant against the UT coach for not, in essence, giving up and pulling her starters during Baylor's win in last night's Big 12 Championship game. "When [we are] up 20-plus and you clear your bench, basically you’re trying to tell the opponent ‘OK, the game’s over.’"  I guess it depends on how much time is left.  (Video.)
  • Saw a lawyer in the Wise County Courthouse the other day process a credit card payment from a client in the hallway over his phone.  It think Atticus Finch did that in To Kill A Mockingbird.