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More On The OU Fraternity's Video

Things are moving fast. They fraternity was promptly suspended  and this morning there was a rally at OU. Coach Bob Stoops was there as well as the university president.

But a question was posed on the radio this morning: Should those kids be kicked out of school? I'm really conflicted by that. Edit: You know, there would be a huge Freedom of Speech issue if kicked out (and I'm stunned I didn't see that.). A public university expelling someone for what they said? Don't think that can happen.

However, that guy in the tux is about to have his name exposed and this will not be pretty.

Edit: Different angle video surfaces.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the guy that shot the video.

I hope his guts are fed to the coyotes by morning.

Anonymous said...

Substitution game: A black fraternity sings on video that no white cracker will ever join.

Are they in trouble too?

Anonymous said...

You have to admit. It's a catchy tune!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the movie Borat when those real life frat guys got caught on film making sexist, racist comments in their Winnebago.

That movie was released nine years ago, and I can't help but wonder if it held them back professionally?

Anonymous said...

If the tables were turned and an all-black frat chanted "there will never be a white in our frat"

What would be the response?

Anonymous said...

Remember the blonde college (RTG) girl with the big hooters who griped about Asians on YouTube?

Anonymous said...

Its like the old saying goes:

Hate the Nig
Not the N!gg#r

Anonymous said...

Racism will never die!!! All races need to get over it.

Anonymous said...

The National SAE Fraternity will no doubt take care of the chapter at OU, as it should. Good question about dismissing students for exercising their free speech. You just have to wonder about a group of kids at a college that worships a football with black players but looks at them differently because of the color of their skin. You know that the same ones that were chanting the racial slur attended football games and had no problem with the racial makeup of the team.

Anonymous said...

It maybe time for Middle and High Schools to add a class to their current curriculum. Something to the effect of "Social Media & how it can ruin your life"!

Kids are clueless to the consequences of their behavior, many times the damage cannot be undone.

Showing them specific examples of these consequences may not stop them, but it would at least give them a warning.

Ethics 101 maybe?

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech? Are you kidding? They not only need to be kicked out of school, but banned from ever earning a living. That's what "society" has determined to be the punishment for using this bad word.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me BUT, as long as black people still use the "n" word and call another of their own race the "n" word, then these kids should not be punished! I hear the "n" word in raps that are played on the radio, in movies, in ballgames on the field, and other places as well.
Until those who are insulted by the use of this "racial slur" STOP using the same in their lives, then the slur will continue!

And until schools - work places - any and all places STOP asking for one's ethnicity on applications, medical info, etc --- racial issues will never go away.

Everyone wants to stop the racial divide, but at every turn we must give our ethnicity and put up with hearing the slurs in the "entertainment" industry!

So these kids are on a bus, with their own club members and they are chanting nothing worse than hearing about killing cops or raping women (heard in songs in media) and the world decides they are horrible?

Give. Me. A. Break.

Anonymous said...

I went to the OU TCU game this past season and unfortunately had seats next to the TCU student section. I was shocked at the racial slurs hurled at the OU sideline. I wanted to ask them if they realized that TCU had black atheletes on their team.

Sam Brows said...

12:10 Sooooo someone else's bad behavior is your excuse? Come on man, you have to be better than that. I'll give you half your argument: it is just as bad when black folks use the word as it is when white folks use it. But to suggest that these kids ought to be excused from using the word in the chant that they were chanting...just because black rappers continue to include the slur in their own songs is ridiculous. And for Pete's sake, it isn't just about the word...these kids appear to be so rich and so spoiled that they gravitate towards the mind set that their exclusive little club shouldn't be infiltrated by persons they perceive as "less than". That is the sort of mind set that justifies the fears that black people all across the country hold on to, and it is the existence of that fear that allows charlatans like Al Sharpton and his ilk to show up at every stinkin' police shooting and discrimination trial begging for donations to their charitable trusts and wagging their collective fingers in the face of every white man and woman in the country, trying to make them feel guilty for being born white. Come on, be a part of the solution, don't try to find an excuse for the problem!

Anonymous said...


You may have missed the "you can hang them from a tree" line.

Anonymous said...


probably not, but if there was a line about hanging them from a tree, probably.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds that this kids name is something something III.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Free Speech intersects with Hate Speech. Most schools have something in their conduct policies on hate speech. Add to the mix that this may have occurred while on a group trip by the then approved frat & you have an official school trip by extension. Boren has more than enough to hammer those involved as he sees fit.

DF Barry Switzer

Bear said...

It's a fine line we cross when we choose to punish people for their thoughts and feelings.

Be careful how you handle this. It could backfire at some point.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, when you can dictate speech, it is no longer free speech; no matter how vile you judge it.

Do you want someone policing your speech? Forcing you to refrain from words that you consider acceptable?

Once the list starts, it grows.

Anonymous said...


The point that 12:10 is making is it seems to be only those "rich" white kids or people who receive punishment or chastisement for doing the same things others do.

Yes, there is "hang him from a tree" but how is that really worse than songs being sung on the radio about raping women or shooting cops?

Are you saying it is ok to sing about raping and killing just not hanging?
Your logic is not logical!


Punish these kids, fine. But punish those rappers, singers, and others who do exactly the same kinds of things otherwise you are the racist one! Get it?

Solution is -- NO ONE is allowed to get away with these things


EVERYONE has the same opportunity to do or say them.

12:10 is simply pointing out the problem that others just want to ignore because it's easier to punish the rich white kid.

Anonymous said...

Were they talking about white niggers or black niggers? DF Robert Byrd

Anonymous said...

"For some, the use of an ‘a’ on the end of the expression marks a distinct contrast with the ‘er’ ending, the former denoting endearment or camaraderie and the latter racism."

Anonymous said...

Good article proving exactly what 12:10 was saying, 9:16.

For these kids have their fraternity shut down and for them to be facing possible expulsion for saying the same things black brothers could say is what becomes racist and discriminatory.

Nigga or Nigger - really, one is accepted and one is not? How ludicrous is that explanation!

Anonymous said...

If Obama had a frat

Anonymous said...


By that logic mutha fucka is acceptable speech as well.

mzchief said...

Just another case of some cretin spewing hate. The problem is, it's a White cretin hating on Blacks.

Remember, this is America, the land of the White apologists.

Black feelings/lives only matter when it's a White dishing out the insult.