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Random Thursday Morning THoughts

  • "Travis County commissioners approve $42 million district attorney’s building."  That's a lot of money for a building to be filled with lots of government employees.
  • The Star-Telegram has a short editorial today saying that Tarrant County DA Sharen Wilson's office should be watched to make sure chaos does not ensue.
  • Two officers were shot in Ferguson last night during protests. Both will survive.(Grainy video.)
  • I'm not sure I had ever heard Tim O'Hare on the radio before, but he is filling in for Mark Davis this week. In light of the Ferguson shootings last night, he started his show off questioning whether the Justice Department should have released the report chronicling racism by the Ferguson PD and actually asked whether the should government at some point should be able to limit protests. Amazing. And he's a Right Winger. Here's his Twitter bio: "Christian, Husband, Dad; Lawyer/Real Estate Investor; Guest Talk Show Host, 660 AM The Answer; Past: Mayor-Farmers Branch, TX; President-Christian Legal Society."
  • Ok, can we back off crucifying the two OU students involved in the SAE/Racism scandal? They have been punished and will continue to be punished.
  • I completely missed the suicide of the inmate of the Wise County Jail -- It looks like he spent a few days in the hospital before passing away. (And the oddest thing is that his last criminal case in Wise County per its website is one for Public Intoxication which was filed on 3/6/15 but was dismissed on 3/9/15.) 
  • The jury is deliberating life or death for the man from Graham who shockingly killed two of his children. But check out this description of the closing argument by prosecutor Lisa Tanner: "There is no doubt in her mind that Armandariz loved his children, Tanner said." Regardless of the context, that's bizarre. If I'm a juror I'm thinking, "This is the representative of the government who is responsible for trying to convince me to kill someone? I'm supposed to trust her judgment?"  The jury couldn't reach a verdict yesterday and we're sent home late last night.
  • Watching everyone freaking out whether DeMarco Murray will sign with the Eagles confirms how disinterested I am. 
  • The Bridgeport page out of the program for this week's state basketball tourney. (I'm not saying I know everything that's in the Star-Telegram, but I'm sure they've even mentioned the team this week.)
  • I continue to be amazed at the length of the federal trial for the Super Bowl ticket screwup. That judge needed to get control of her scene.