Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Super Bowl was in Dallas a few years back and we had a week long ice storm. And now we have this week with near perfect weather. 
  • There was a Senate confirmation hearing yesterday for Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch. I kept hearing that news story and thinking Loretta "Lynn" all day yesterday. There's has to be some clever word play on Coal Miner's Daughter, right?
  • Goofball and Tea Party darling Jonathan Stickland has already been named to a "Worst Legislator" list. 
  • "The future of work will be Time Arbitrage  you will get paid by people who can earn more from your time than you can." - Mark Cuban on Twitter yesterday.  Even his fan boys called him out for stating an obvious truth that has been known for centuries. 
  • We receive a flyer for Coach purses from time to time addressed to "Ashley Green" at our address. I don't know an Ashley Green. Mrs. LL will cock an eyebrow and has begun to suspect I'm buying some gal named Ashley purses on the side. (Note to Ashley: Can we keep this on the downlow?) 
  • Sports: (1)  Wade Phillips somehow got a job with the Denver Broncos. (2). I've not watched one Mavs game this year but from what I heard there will be a lot of people joining me if they keep it up. (3) After just recovering from an Achilles injury, an aging Kobe Bryant is out for the year with a shoulder injury. He will make $23.5 million this year and $25 million next year. (4) Of all 22 starters in the Super Bowl this week, none were ranked "5 stars" coming out of high school. 
  • A University Park "mother of five" is upset that a non-fiction book, The Working Poor: Invisible in America, is being used in a high school English class. She calls it "socialist" and "Marxist."  Anyone have a picture of her? I have a stereotypical image in my head, and I prefer to deal in facts. 
  • The Decatur School Board killed new turf from a possible bond proposal. The battle continues. 
  • The guy shot by police in Sunset yesterday on the Montague/Wise County line had warrants out of Tarrant County. But I don't see even a mention of it in the Star-Telegram this morning. That seems odd. 
  • Yesterday I saw a black Dodge Charger on 287 with red and blue lights flashing in its grill. No markings were on it whatsoever. Anyone ever seen that? I'm assuming it was headed to Sunset. 
  • WBAP Hal Jay quote of the day about all press secretaries for Presidents of the U.S.: "They are all idiots." 
  • It is buried in this story, but today the Texas Historical Commission will vote on whether to give Wise County a historical marker for Machine Gun Kelley. As well as two others named "St. John the Baptizer Catholic Church" and "Lake Bridgeport WWII Training Site". 
  • "Every time travel movie ranked." (I noticed Mrs. LL had recorded Somewhere in Time which was a huge player with the girls back when I was in high school.)