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Kid, Just Be Glad That Wasn't Texas

We'd have you in Huntsville by the end of the year.

(And what does all that get the kid? A 25 cent plastic piece of junk?)


Mr. Mike Honcho said...

BG, is this what its coming to around here? "meh" video and two negative comments?

The ol' playground ain't fun like it used to be.

Triple Fake... said...

I would agree with your Huntsville comment, but it seems that was one of the super rich games, and it was forced to provide all those tickets so the middle class little girl could redeem them for a 25 cent piece of junk without paying for it. All perfectly "legal" by proclamation of Pres. Cheese.


Anonymous said...

Grabbing tickets that are being spit out of a game is not a crime, actually. So, she's probably safe.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly how Ma Barker started her life of crime.

DF Pretty Boy Floyd

Anonymous said...

She's got 2,002 tickets to paradise.