Overly Detailed Medical Examiner's Summary

One of the oddest local sites on the Internet is the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's web page. There they list all the autopsies they perform and the results thereof. If you ever read about a death in Tarrant County and "then name of the deceased has not been released", most reporters know just to monitor that site because the name will soon appear.

This screenshot was sent to me, presumably, because of my longstanding position that a motorcycle will get you killed.  Or it might have been sent because that description is uncomfortably detailed. Normally it was say something like "motor vehicle accident."

Chisholm Trail Parkway is the new tollway which heads south out of Tarrant County. I have no idea if this death resulted from a high speed death, but I mentioned to Mrs. LL the other day when we were on the new North Tarrant Express toll road that it would be perfect for those high speed bikes. I hope we don't see this trend.