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A Story That Is Not A Story

I've seen this story popping up in places today and some people are expressing shock. A Texas lawmaker has proposed a bill that would allow teachers to use deadly force in self defense against students. And the bigger headline is that the bill allows deadly force to be used to protect school property.

I looked at the bill and guess what? It only says a teacher can use deadly force when any other person would be justified in doing so against anyone else under existing Texas law. It changes nothing. (You could replace "teachers" with "Republicans" and "students" with "Democrats" and that's the current state of the law right now, too. Hey, that would really get some headlines!)

What people should be shocked at is that Texas has for decades allowed for deadly force to be used in some situations to protect property.


Triple Fake... said...

you're correct in that it isn't a story because any sensible person would use deadly force to protect themselves against the use of the same type of force. We're going on the assumption that most teachers might attempt to use their own common sense in this situation. And that they wouldn't face prosecution/administration backlash if the facts bore out the need for the use of force.
The only time I could envision using deadly force to protect school property is if a student was attempting to destroy property on a large scale, such as an explosion or using machinery to demolish a building, especially if the building(s) housed any persons at the time. Upending desks and defacing a wall doesn't count.

Your choice of Republicans as teachers pitted against Democrats as students is unfortunate and unnecessary. It's an attempt to politicize and insert an extra element of conflict where it doesn't belong. I'm surprised you didn't try to portray the teacher as white and the student as, well...not so old and not so white!
There's nothing shocking about the use of deadly force to protect property. Without even clicking on the link provided, it's fairly common knowledge that deadly force is allowed if you find a burglar on your property at night. Part of the Castle Doctrine, right? We hear about that one on a semi-regular basis

Anonymous said...

While I was in college in Denton, I worked in a western clothing store on the square. The owner kept a loaded pistol under the register and told me to use it on anyone trying to leave the store after shoplifting. I, of course, told him a cowboy shirt wasn't worth someone's life.

Anonymous said...


Depends on the cowboy shirt.

DF Johnny "Rhinestone" Cash

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

His decision how little his life is to me.