Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • You know, I made fun of the False Flag people in connection with the razing of the house of the shooter of Sandy Hook elementary. And I still will. But it is weird that they are tearing down a perfectly good house. I mean, it's worth something, right? Heck, I'd buy it if the price was low. 
  • "You walk into any Republican Club and quite frankly, the real challenge it to find someone there under 50, please." - Mark Davis on his radio show last Friday. (And, after going back and listening to his show, he absolutely believes that Chris Kyle killed two car-jackers. Note to Davis: You believe stuff like that and I question everything you say.)
  • Can no one tell the truth? Hannity had Chris Kyle's father on his "special" show on Friday night and the father spoke of Kyle shooting the young boy which is featured in the first scene of American Sniper. But Kyle never even said or wrote that he did such a thing. Incredible. 
  • One more thought on that Hannity show: Why do we come to the defense of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper and scream "Free Speech" but get outraged when Michael Moore or other celebrities criticize American Sniper? (Hannity, during the show, suggested putting Moore in a room with five Navy Seals. That's promoting violence because of certain speech.)
  • Nothing is more of a time waste than an interview with a player in a professional sport.
  • Troy Aikman seems angry over the last month. Very angry. I wonder if something is going on.
  • I hope I live long enough to see history judge the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. History will not be kind.
  • College football recruiting: A kid committed Texas flipped to Auburn over the last few days and then "Snapchatted" a photo of himself holding a wad of cash. Edit: Link fixed.
  • Grand Prairie police arrested two people for driving while intoxicated early Sunday after three back-to-back car crashes into unoccupied police cars. 
  • New York City is expected to get hit with a record blizzard today and tomorrow. When I heard that last night, I thought that if I were rich I'd hop in a plane and find a hotel as close to Central Park as I could. And then I'd walk and walk this afternoon.  (And when I'm on my deathbed, I'll ask myself, "Why didn't you?")
  • The greatest NFL receiver that never was, Josh Gordon, is facing a ban of one year for failing another drug test. And the drug he tested for? Alcohol.   Worst. Player's. Union. Ever. 
  • We crowned a New Miss Universe over the weekend. Is that the most presumptuous title ever? (The winner was Miss Colombia Paulina Vega.) Edit: Saw this after I wrote that. 
  • There were protestors in the Supreme Court on Thursday objecting to the silly Citizen's United decision which allows the rich to buy elections.  I thought it was cool that there was an "artist's rendering" of the event but was surprised to see there was cell phone footage. (Those security folks needed to lighten up on that first lady.)
  • Teacher suspended for supporting "And another."
  • From the Update: "FREEDOM TEXAS – Freedom Texas will hold a public meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday in the meeting room at Pizza Hut, 501 S. Washburn St., in Decatur. This is a group that educates people about the sovereignty, security and self-sufficiency of Texas and promotes its eventual independence." Let's guess the average age and race of the attendees.