I Don't Know Why I Think This Is Funny

I don't care about basketball. Certainly don't care about nerf basketball. And I have no idea who this couple is.

But, man, does she dunk on him. Even tears the backboard off the wall. (If she didn't demand that he call her "Ms. Shaq" after that, she missed an opportunity to humiliate him even more.)

(Sidenote: As a kid I had a nerf hoop in my room, and I'd play on that thing it all day long. I even had tournaments against make believe teams where I'd play for both teams. Miraculously, the team I always wanted to win just happen to win. I think it had something to do with the fake Celtics just happening to shoot 10 foot jumpers all the time, while the fake Lakers tended to dump it underneath to the fake Abdul-Jabbar who liked to do a sky hook from one foot away.)