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Nerdy Kicking Stat


We've come a long way since when we thought this was next to impossible. (With a straight on kicker with half a foot.)


Anonymous said...

More astro turf.

More domed stadiums.

Better athletes.

Soccer player cross overs.

All 4 contribute to better numbers, that's why the NFL is talking about decreasing the space between the uprights.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we have more excited refs....nice vertical.

Anonymous said...

Full time players instead of part time. Domes. Artificial turf. Better drainage for natural turf fields. Special cleats, etc. If today's conditions would have existed then, the lines would be flatter.

Anonymous said...

Check out the last 10 yrs of fumble stats. Shows New England Pats have statistically unreasonably low rate vs. rest of the league. Looks like they've been cheating with "soft" balls for years. This will be big scandal before it's over.