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President's Day Pick Me Up

And we get a Speedo Man in the background



Anonymous said...

It is not Presidents Day, it is Washington's Birthday.

Bacon said...

Bacon Scale
4.7 out of 5
She is hot.

Women behind hot chick and to the right
1 out of 5
Not my style at all.

Dude in speedo to the left
4 out of 5
Anyone that wears a speedo gets at least a 4

Typical Wal-Mart Hottie said...

BG, why did you give us the first picture?

The 2ND PICTURE has the Man of my Dreams! It would have been a great pick-me-up for the men AND the ladies.

Keep us girls in mind next time!

bordandstroked said...

Harry -"Look at the ass on that!"
Lloyd- " Yea.....I bet he works out!"

HarveyLee said...

Whoa! Can you say perfect?

Anonymous said...


Another over-correcter that is incorrect.

Today IS President's Day. Check your calendar.

Washington's birthday is Wednesday, 2/22.

Get yer facts straight!

Double Fake Greggo

Anonymous said...

Me thinks I'd like to go into a congressional session with her.

Anonymous said...

12:30- It is President's day, the 22nd is Washington's birthday.
fact checker

Anonymous said...

My official Tea Party calendar says it's Washington's Birthday.

Anonymous said...

The legal holiday is "Washington's Birthday." I'm not sure why all the calendars say "President's Day." I'm certain a quick internet search would explain it all for us; but a clear and concise answer would ruin all the fun!

Anonymous said...

It's Presidents Day. It was Washington's birthday in the past, but was changed in the mid-80s to Presidents Day, to be celebrated on the 3rd Monday in February.

Esoteric Eric said...

But then again, is it President's day (and, if so, for which one?), Presidents' day (for some or all of them), or Presidents day (not for any of them--just about them)?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't a picture of a half black girl been more appropriate? Say, Halley Berry?

Anonymous said...

It has never been legally changed by the federal government. Still George Washington's birthday. States are allowed to call it whatever they want.

Wikipedia is wrong

Anonymous said...

For Presidents day we need a Negro mammie picture

Anonymous said...

I would not call that a speedo on the guy.

Anonymous said...

How in the world can that man even reach his junk to use the restroom?? That looks so painful!

Anonymous said...

Someone here has a soft porn addiction. I believe he passes it off as "I just appreciate a pretty woman" kind of bs to his wife. Maybe the wife needs to begin posting " I just appreciate a handsome man" on her blog so the bs will be even and the marriage's dissolve will be mutual.