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Do These Look Like Girls Involved (At Least Some Way) In The Same Bar Brawl?

Natasha Poly

Am I gonna have to teach the world how to act when you're in a bar that just happens to be full of supermodels? Sheesh. I've been in Frilly's on a Saturday night and the cops have never had to be called. Lightweights.

And it gets better: One of the guys who got decked was the Prince of Monaco -- the grandson of the late Grace Kelly.  It had to have been the greatest bar fight in the history of ever.



Anonymous said...

Not, i repeat, NOT guilty!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would hate to have to admit that I got my jaw broken by a woman, but that would be almost as bad as having to admit I was a thenthitive liberal weenie lawyer.

Anonymous said...

While I agree on the NOT guilty part, I do believe that they could provoke a felony or two.

Triple Fake... said...

thus furthering the stereotype of white trash getting into it outside a bar - hot euro-trash, but still...

heh heh...I said furthering!

Anonymous said...

Now, that's MY kind of bar fight! Matter of fact, I might pay to have that channel added to my digital cable package. Supermodel Smackdown.

My Other Brother Darryl

PS - the Monaco royal line seems kind of lightweight these days.

Anonymous said...

Felipe say that ass too scrawny for his handprint.


Triple Fake... said...

Well, step aside, felipe - this is one job that can only be accomplished by good ol' homegrown American workmanship and know-how! I got a hankerin' for some spankerin'

Zelyaeva - to front of line, please!