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College Football Post -- Nothing To See Here For Most

About a month ago, I learned that Oklahoma State would play Savannah State this fall. That got my attention because I had never heard of anyone playing that school.  Today, Florida State announced they would play Savannah the week after Oklahoma State.

If that at all interests you, check out this article which tells you who SSU is and proclaims that they will be the worst opponent of Oklahoma State in the history of the school.  To give you an idea, SSU plays in a 7,500 seat stadium.

Oh, one other thing: Savannah ain't a real state. I checked.


Anonymous said...

Sam Houston isn't a real state, either. Or Tarleton. In 2009, Oklahoma State got pushed around in the Cotton Bowl by Ole Miss. The next game Ole Miss played was the 2010 opener, at home, against a school called Jacksonville State, which is not even in Florida, but Alabama. 49-48 JSU.

Anonymous said...

It is one of the 57 states.

Anonymous said...

What about the states of confusion, and Denial. Oh wait they went at in the debate last night.