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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • WFAA did a story last night on the new DPS "gun boats" that I mentioned about three months ago. 
  • The Star-Telegram has begun to realize that the TCU "drug bust" coverage was completely overblown.  For me, why the TCU administration acted like their only reference point about marijuana was  Reefer Madness is puzzling. TCU deserves better. The Board of Regents needs to seriously consider some changes at the top. 
  • Regarding the "kidnapped" Frisco girl, I've never seen so many news reports say "she's lying" without ever saying "she's lying." 
  • Watched a little of The Voice last night since Christina is on it. Then I powered down when they would post "tweets" from the hosts on the screen. 
  • A Fort Worth lawyer received more than $700,000 in court appointed fees from one judge between 2001 and 2007?  (That nugget was buried in a story that otherwise didn't make a lot of sense.) Tarrant County needs to consider a Public Defender's Office. 
  • Mrs. LL planted some flowers in the flower bed this fall and they are still alive. (And it might hit 80 degrees tomorrow.)
  • Somebody commented yesterday about a Decatur girl who allegedly made up an abduction/assault story about fifteen years ago.  I was DA at the time, and it occurred right after Scream was released. I offered her a diversion program to avoid prosecution -- didn't see any reason to mess up her life. 
  • I saw that in the Mav's game last night that Dirk moved in to the top 20 of all-time scorers while Jason Kidd became second all-time in steals. When the core of your team is setting "career" records, that means the core of your team is old.
  • Rick Santorum says that President Obama's "theology" is "not based on the Bible" and now he insists he wasn't talking about his faith? Please. This is the same guy who wouldn't correct a lady who called the President a Muslim. And then his official spokesman compared the President's policies to "radical Islamic policies" yesterday and then said she "misspoke."
  • Media News: The Dallas Morning News has hired Robert Wilonsky, the editor of the fantastic Dallas Observer blog, to manage the newspaper's "online presence."  That's huge. It's the Dallas Morning News admitting they have no idea how to deal with the Internet -- something everyone else already knew about them.
  • Baylor beat Texas last night which many believe might cost Texas any chance to make the NCAA Tourney.  Longhorn coach Rick Barnes' days have to be numbered, right?
  • The Rhome man who died after being tasered by Fort Worth police after a car chase was ruled by the Medical Examinerto have died from methamphetamine use . Yeah, a hit of methamphetamine with a taser chaser. 


Bacon said...

Bacon Scale
2 out of 5
She is ok.

Anonymous said...

Why do people buy or build homes in certain areas...then complain about things like railroad tracks, distance to the city, being too close to an airport, homeowners associations and other factors that were there when they decided to buy or build?

Longhorn Nation said...

BG, as a Longhorn fan, I have my issues with Barnes, but he's a good coach and not going anywhere.

The reason UT isn't quite up to par this year is that three Longhorns were drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft last year. Tristan Thompson was selected with the No. 4 pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jordan Hamilton was taken with the No. 26 pick by the Dallas Mavericks, and his rights were later traded to the Denver Nuggets. Cory Joseph was taken with the No. 29 pick by the San Antonio Spurs.

A college team doesn't usually lose three underclassmen to the NBA and get better.

Under Barnes, UT is one of only nine programs to have advanced to at least the "Sweet 16" of the NCAA Tournament in five of the last 10 seasons, joining Duke, Kansas, Connecticut, Arizona, Kentucky, Michigan State, North Carolina and Pittsburgh. Included in this 10-year stretch was a trip to the 2003 Final Four. Texas advanced to the "Elite Eight" in 2006 and 2008 and the "Sweet 16" in 2002 and 2004.

That resume is better than the rest of the Big 12, except for Kansas. It'll take more than one down year (if you consider being a bubble team for the NCAA tournament a down year) for Barnes to be ousted.

Anonymous said...

Isn't he a muslim? If not he has all the attributes to be one!! Get this man out of office!!!

Anonymous said...

Santorum was'nt referring to Obama's theology. Watch the clip. He was referring to the advent of extreme, wacko liberalism as a theology, ie. treehuggers. Also, UT is playing with virtually all freshmen. I doubt very seriously Barnes' job is in jepopardy when he fielded a competitive team comprised of nearly all freshmen strarters.

Anonymous said...

Bacon, man, you are either gay or have amazing women at your disposal on a regular basis.

I remember in my home town when a guy died from meth "complicated by a blow to the head" by a police officer. His heart exploded though, literally, because of the half-dozen drugs in his system and exertion due to running from the cops. The PD did have to change its policy related to hitting suspects in the head with their police radios and then hog tying them, though. Happened right before MLK Day. So of course the Klan marched there that year.

Speaking of wordkyle, why hasn't he already thrown a fit in today's thread?



Anonymous said...

Mrs. Barnes forgot to sign her post at 9:05

LLDQFan said...

If you watch the clip in context, of Santorum when he made the statement, it is easy to see he wasn't even talking about faith at all. He was talking about Obama's extremist views on the environment, carbon emissions etc.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Texas had a 10 Point lead halfway through the second half. Brown and others forgot how to play defense and Acy went off for Baylor. Longhorns didn't deserve to win with that collapse.

Said it before and will say it again; beware the politician who is fervently outspoken about his religious beliefs, regardless of party or denominations. Put 'em behind a pulpit, not in office. Render unto Caesar, &c &c

Anonymous said...

In a Santorum world we will all goosestep to the chants of the men in black frocks! Beware little boys.

Anonymous said...

Even if there was no war on drugs, the Rhome man's meth use was still the cause of his death. Therefore, still not the officer's fault. He still had to be subdued. Just another reason why--regardless of a war on drugs--illicit drug usage is stupid.

Triple Fake... said...

Why did you put the words "drug bust" in "quotations marks"? It's like you're saying that's not what "actually happened".
And somebody at the Star-Telegram critiquing their coverage of the story is kinda like letting schoolkids grade their own papers, isn't it?
But it is a big deal. If they had busted twice as many kids for just using pot, I think most folks would shrug and say "Meh, college kids." All of the accused were dealing, so it does have a touch of Reefer Madness to it. Would you prefer the Board of Regents' point of reference be Requiem for a Dream?

Uppercase Matt said...

Every news conference I see with the TCU story, I wonder how Chancellor Boschini got his promotion from Greendale Community College.

wordkyle said...

LLDQFan & 923 got it right.

Anonymous said...

"had to be subdued" = "go ahead and zap him"

Anonymous said...

9:23 and 9:38 have it exactly right. Maybe you should listen to the actual comments instead of just letting Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow or Ed Schultz provide your opinions for you.

Anonymous said...

"The most beautiful sound in the world is the Islam call to prayer." The Real Obammy

Bacon said...

This RTG is just not my type. She is cute but hell those are a dime a dozen.

Anonymous said...

Where are all of you Gleeful weenies that were annointing Obammy to his second Throne when the unemployment rate went to 8.3? AP is reporting it is back to 9.0 per cent and gas is higher than it's ever been at this time of year and no end in sight. What say you now Skippy?

Anonymous said...

Rhome should sue the cops. He dies of Meth and yet the zero tolerance sign didn't have the intended effect on him.

Anonymous said...

Barry, the main difference between conservatives and liberals is that when liberals "misspeak" they don't ever take it back unless they come under heavy fire. If someone doesn't say anything they leave it alone and pawn it off as being right.

Re: UT basketball.
If college players stayed their four full years, about three years ago UT would have had Kevin Durant, Lamarcus Aldridge and some other NBA player all on the same team.

gern blansten

Anonymous said...

Allsups chuckwagon burritos dont give me half as much gas as wordbile, and I buy them from the Chico store!

Anonymous said...

I see where Joe Biden is in Road Island today. Is that one of the 57 states?

Triple Fake... said...

Star-Telegram Rant - Part II:
Today's headline starts off with the word "Source:". Uh, don't they get all of their stories from some source? Sounds redundant to tell us that, and space-consuming to do it in the headline.
And it's one of those sources that "spoke on condition of anonymity", in this case "because a formal announcement was pending." When did reliable media outlets switch over from named, identifiable quotes, to using "not authorized to speak" as a source?
If they're not authorized to speak, why are they speaking? There should be a rule that says the media outlet is allowed to reveal the unnamed source once the information has been confirmed or refuted.
Wouldn't you take it with a grain of salt if somebody passed you a not that said: "Listen, I've got this juicy info that's not supposed to spill until later today. I can't tell you who told me because they're not officially allowed to say anything, but you can take my word on it. I wanted to be the first to tell you, but I'm probably not!

P.S. If you've got some time to kill, there are puzzles on the other side of this note. Enjoy!"

Triple Fake Amon Carter (spinning)

Anonymous said...

I guess "mis-spoke" would be a qualification for the White House then.

See Biden goes to Road Island below:

BigTex said...

Its common knowledge Gangsta O is a muslim. Come on Barry, sticking your head in the sand will not change the fact.

John Holmes' Ghost said...

I like seafood! A lot!

Anonymous said...

Taser chaser?

You really are unwilling to learn. Did you not read the news stories and the comments on this blog that pointed out the taser was used in "drive stun" mode? Have you not bothered to educate yourself about the different settings and capabilities of the taser, in particular that drive stun causes localized pain and does not cause "neuro muscular incapacitation" like firing the probes does? You're a defense attorney, you should educate yourself.

I get that you don't like the police, but until recently I at least thought you tried to be knowledgable about the actual facts since your profession and people's liberty depends on it. What I've seen is that you're just another Internet shock jock.

Anonymous said...


You thinking about D. J. Augustin by chance as the third player from UT?

Anonymous said...

Geezz BG sometimes the left side of your brain is dead.

Did you forget the guy from Rhome ate a large quantity of meth to avoid being caught with it.

Consuming a large quantity of meth with kill ya.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the "No-Tolerance" drug signs scared him to the point that he decided to ingest all the meth as opposed to being faced with "No-Tolerance"?

Anonymous said...

BigTex comes across as a Tim Mcveigh fail who prefers to taze our POTUS by spreading poisonous lies about him rather than coming up with something, anything, in defense of the idiocracy in Rick's camp. Step down traitor

Consilium ac prudentia said...

1040 I used to find BG at least amenable to reasonable arguments but these days he is just here for liberal shock value, therefore his inability to accept that the taser man died as a result of his own decisions should come as no surprise. He is just trying to be sensational.

Anonymous said...

You haters can't have it both ways: he is Mulim! or he attends evangelical Baptist church where preacher says inappropriate things.

CT said...

Uppercase Matt--priceless! I thought the same thing!!

Anonymous said...

Dear severely conservative politicians:

Stop talking about vaginas and start talking about JOBS.

Most Americans are just not going to accept this ideology: small government when it comes to justice, big government when it comes to vaginas. Stay out of our uterus!

Every time one of the extremely insane righties opens his so called religious self-righteous pompous mouth = 4 more years for OBAMA!

Keep on giving AND thank you!

Anonymous said...

Tazer: If you fail at everything else in life, you can always become a cop.

Anonymous said...

Dear 3:13

Keep your vagina (and those of your equally sexually liberated friends) closed so big government doesn't have to keep supporting your mistakes.

The (private sector) employees thank you.

Anonymous said...


Typical! I wouldn't expect anything less from your half interpreted version!

Keep on giving....and thanks again!


Anonymous said...

3:13,Buy your own cork for your vagina. Why should my insurance rates go up so that the insurance company is mandated by Obammy to pay for your corks?

Anonymous said...

Listen to the ENTIRE text of Santorum's speech concerning religion before you pass ANY MORE judgement, Skippy!

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, a hit of methamphetamine with a taser chaser."

Which beats hell out of a hit of meth with a hickory shampoo, like in the Bad Old Days.

I gather sometimes that you've no clue what you want. I've been tazed. So have all my cohorts. None of us died. Quit acting like the meth had nothing to do with it. It had EVERYthing to do with it. When you swallow a great deal of stimulant all at once, you will die. This is nothing knew.

Anonymous said...

tazer chaser is a better chance than .45 chaser

Anonymous said...

"This is nothing knew."

You mean nothing new?
You suck at spelling, 5:34, but you're right.