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"Waiting For Tony Romo"

Some reporter just tweeted this pic as the press waits for Romo to appear at Valley Ranch.

What a beating. All those guys trying to get a sound bite from Romo for TV or radio.  And you know, he'll say nothing. Absolutely nothing. But there is a 100% chance that he'll say, "We just have to work hard and get better." Bank on it.

But the picture does remind me of a story I heard on The Fan last year about the insufferable Terrance Newman. He walked up in a similar situation and said he would only talk to one reporter who they had to select. Once that reporter was chosen, Newman intentionally began quickly pacing back and forth in the locker room thereby forcing the reporter to try and keep up while holding the recording device.  

The life of a sports reporter doesn't seem to glamorous sometimes.


Anonymous said...

How would you like to be Romo?

Anonymous said...

And why do we have THIS version of "Idiocracy"? Because of all our country's armchair football nuts who want to over-analyze everything to the point of insanity, and who get so worked up over a "bunch of jerseys". Sheesh.